Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time for a toddler bed!

So, a few weeks ago we made the move to put L and L2 in the same room. It went so smoothly, I almost couldn't believe it. We literally had not one issue. Well, with that milestone behind us we decided this weekend that it was time to implement step two of rooming the boys together: switching L2 to the toddler bed.  Right now we are still using the crib, but obviously that needs to go back into the nursery. The crib converts into a toddler bed, so that plan is to convert it for L2 for now, make sure he's ready for it, and then get him his own toddler bed and move the crib back into the nursery.

Super easy, right?

I mean, moving them into together was suppose to be the tough part so this should be a walk in the park.


We started this last night, and let's just say it's not going as smoothly as I would have hoped. I guess we couldn't be that lucky, huh? The first problem is now that he can get out of the bed, L2 won't stay in bed. We have a baby gate up on the room so he can't get out, but he gets out of bed and stands at the gate, shaking it and crying/yelling. The second problem is that L is not OK with this behavior. Seriously, we were kind of expecting this from L2, but we were not expecting L to freak out when he wouldn't stay in bed.

(He knows he 's not suppose to be getting out!)

So finally last night we ended up bringing L out of the room until L2 was finally asleep. And after that it was fine. They slept through the night (although at some point L2 did move to the floor) and woke up at the normal time with no problem. It's the getting to sleep that seems to be the issue. Nap time was the same thing today. I ended up having to go into the room and lay in L's bed until L2 was asleep, and I had to do the same thing at bed time tonight. It's not a huge deal, if I stay in there with him he's usually down in about ten minutes and he doesn't wake up when we send L in...... but I'm hoping this passes quickly and he just starts going right down with no fuss.

(who could be mad at that face.... so sweet!)

I know he'll adjust to this, and the important thing is to just keep going now that we've started. It will probably take a few weeks before things run totally smoothly, but hopefully we can get it all worked out before the new baby gets here. Hey, if anything at least this gives me something else to focus on for these last few weeks of pregnancy, right?

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