Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 months

My (second) baby boy turned 4 MONTHS a few days ago. On the 24th to be exact. Time is flying by, and I want it to slow down, but at the same time as he gets older I get to experience that excitement of new things all over again. First smiles, first laughs, "playing with this brother". I love it, but I hate that it means he's blasting towards toddler-hood, and being a kid and growing up.

We had a doctors appointment a few days ago. Just his four month checkup, the usual: shots, weight, lenght a quick evaluation. The Doctor confirmed what I knew: he is a happy and healthy little baby. Then he asked me how he was eating and if he was still taking the bottle ok. I told him he was, and was eating more then ever, but that he did tend to prefer taking a bottle from me more then anyone else, including S. And the Dr mentioned that he did seem a little clingy to me and that that might increase and we might have some seperation anciety at 9-10 months. And I nodded and  smiled and said we would work on it and make a point to have S give him more bottles.

But inside?

I was fist-pumping like a Jersey Shore kid.

"Yes!!!! My baby is clingy to ME!!!! He wants ME! His MOMMY!!!! And only ME!!!!!"

I admit, I'm a little ashamed of this reaction. But when L hit about 7 months he went through a huge Daddy phase. It was all Daddy, all the time, and I was pretty much chopped liver. And it broke me heart. And L is now 2.5 years old and he doesn't want to cuddle as much. So excuse me for relishing a little in the fact that L2 might cling to me a little longer then L did. I take it back, I'm not ashamed at all!

So here are my little monkeys 4 month pictures. For some reason everytime I break out the camera for his monthly pictuers he melts downs, but I think I got a few good ones!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to..... Me!!! Holy Hell, how am I 28? If you would have told me when I was 18 that in 10 years I would be celebrating 5 years of marriage and have 2 kids, I would have called you crazy. But, despite that fact that sometimes I have a yearning for that carefree, no responsibility life that was really mine only a few years ago, but yet seems so far away, life is wonderful and amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I figured I would share a few things that I learned this year, as I am getting older (shudder) and wiser.

** Fist, let's start with a year and a day ago I found out I was pregnant with L2. Seems like so much longer then that!

** I learned this year that as much as I complain about being pregnant when I am, part of me misses it when I'm not, and I'm not done having kids.

** I learned that old friends are wonderful, and the memories you have with them, are irreplaceable, but sometimes you need to realize that you are going in different directions.

** I learned that while I thought I could never love anything more than I did my first child, my second child raised the bar and I have more love in my heart than I thought was possible.

** I've learned that as you grow and change in a marriage you need to make compromises. I also learned that I love my husband more everyday for the husband and father he is.

** I learned (unfortunately) that it really is much harder to lose the weight with the second baby.

** I learned that as much as I want a baby girl one day, nothing can replace the special bond between my two boys.

I'm sure there is more, but a bottle of wine, a handsome husband, and a Gossip Girl marathon aer calling my name. So here is to year 28. One year closer to 30, which is a little scary, but I'm sure this year is going to be a fabulous one!!!

And here is the best birthday present a girl could ask for: Two beautiful and healthy boys!

Monday, February 13, 2012

life update!

OK, hold on for a long post about everything.... but nothing big!!! Life has just been trucking along, and while I have been absent from the blogging world (what can I say, I'm still fully immersed in IPhone/Kindle Fire world and I never log onto the computer anymore!) I can tell you we are all still happy and healthy! So here we go!

My little (Big!) boy

How does time go by so fast? L2 is already 3.5 months. He is getting super big, in fact at our last Dr. app he was up to 12.8 pounds! Since he lost so much weight those first few weeks of disastrous nursing the Dr has really been monitoring his weight and our goal was to have him up to 12 pounds by the end of February. Obviously we have surpassed that and I'm so proud of my little eater!

(couldn't you just eat this face?!?!)

L2 is big into the smiles and laughing these days and it melts my heart every time. And nothing can get him smiling more then his big brother.......


Watching my two boys makes me happier then I knew possible. L is all about protecting his little bro... in fact several times a day he informs me that its "his baby!!!" 

Selling the Subi!

We sold me Subaru! As much as I couldn't wait to get rid of this car, it was a little sad. It was my Grandma's car before I got it (which obviously ups it's cool factor by like 1000) and when she bought it new back in 1998 I thought it was the greatest, fanciest nicest car ever. And when it was passed down to me my last year of college I was still pretty stoked..... seven year later, not so much. The car was old and I was always worried it was going to just up and die on me. And it was cramped. Yes it's a bigger car, bigger then a sedan, but with two car seats it was just really, really tight.

So we are upgrading to this:

Originally we were planning on saving our money and trying to buy a pilot this year. We wanted something with a third row so that when we eventually add another kid we would have enough room for three car seats. However, my brother got married and is moving to France (whole other story!) and he cut us a great deal on his Element. It gives us a lot more room (Even though it's technically only a four seater.... but we only had four seats once we put two car seats in anyway), gives us a reliable car that we don't have to worry about, and we won't have a car payment. It's a great solution and we will still be saving to eventually get rid of S's car and get a car with three rows!


With the selling of the car came a mad scramble to find the car title.After digging through our filing cabinet and searching through three boxes that hold my really important stuff (The contents of these boxes included a high school journal, pictures from college I never want my kids to see, the t-shirt i wore for my 21st birthday celebration and a variety of old notes from friends... like I said, the really important stuff). I finally found the title in a lock box with our passports and social security cards.... who knew? Apparently we do actually have a box for the really really important stuff!

All of this led me to the conclusion that i needed to redo our filing so while L and L2 napped today I put Army Wives on Netflix and sat down to to the deed. It took a little over an hour but I finally condensed this:

And this:

Into this:

Considering most days I'm lucky if I find time to shower, I was pretty proud of myself!

So that's all that is going on in our lives these days! I'm excited for a hot breakfast date with a handsome two year old for Valentines Day tomorrow!

Friday, February 3, 2012

two months and three months

So, I have been keeping up with Lucas's monthy photos, however I have not been keeping up with posting them. So here are both his two month and his three month photos. He's pretty mad in his 2 months, but I think his 3 months are cute!

I can't believe how big he is getting!!!! Time needs to slow down!!!

PS Crystal, if your reading this, I need to be added to your reader list! I suck and never email you!