Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! There is still family time to be had, movies to be watched and eggnog to be drunk, so this post will be brief. Today was wonderful. Magical. Everything I hoped. I can't believe it was L's second Christmas, where did the year go? Well, wherever it went, one thing is for sure: We were all very good. How do I know this?

Because Santa came to visit and filled all our stockings and left presents under the tree.

 And after an early wake up call,which I'm sure will now be the norm for every Christmas, we opened presents:

 And opened ever more presents:

 And more:

 And after all the presents were opened, it was time to play:

With a quick break to eat:

And then play some more:

 And our house looks like Toy 'R Us and Hallmark got together, had a huge party, and then left everything for us to clean up:

And after all the unwrapping and playing and eating, my boys were both pretty exhausted:

And the best part of this amazing Christmas day? This boys happy face:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Chistmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I feel like this last month has flown by, and while I wish we could have done even more baking and snuggling and movie watching, I think we got our fair share in. And today was the best day of all (although I have full confidence tomorrow might have it beat!) Combine my love of all things Christmas, my happiness at being home after vacation, the fact that S didn't have to work and a legitimate excuse to do nothing but eat pretty much all day......and you have an absolutely perfect day.
We spent the morning at the park, and while I know I lament all the the time about how much I want a white Christmas (and I really really do. Seriously, Phoenix, feel free to have a freak snow storm tonight!) there is a certain appeal to being able to spend a few hours outside in perfect 68 degree weather with out having to worry about colds or jackets and sniffles.

I have equally mixed feelings of happiness and sadness at what a big boy L is becoming. He no longer wants/needs me to hold his hand in the park, and he runs freely though the play equipment, up and down the stairs and slides, with no fear. It hard for me not to want to follow two steps behind all the time and make sure he isn't going to fall or hurt himself. On several occasion today S scolded me for hovering to much, but let's be honest, I'll probably be trying to follow two steps behind him on his first day of high school.

 Yes, I know. I am literally two steps behind him.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures we have ever taken.  He just makes me so happy!

And after the park mommy had to run a few errands on her own, and let me tell you:


Never again will I brave the grocery store on Christmas Eve. It wasn't the crowds or the lines, I expected that, it was the inexcusably rude and cranky people. I wanted to pour everyone a tall glass off eggnog with a double shot of rum to ease the tension, and a large part of me kept hoping that someone would break out into a Christmas Carol and everyone would suddenly put their differences aside and exchange hugs and well wishes. Unfortunately, I guess that only happens in the movies.

But then I was home again and we spend the afternoon eating and drinking eggnog and watching movies and playing with L. It was perfect.
 This was my "snowman" of food!

When L went down for his nap S and I engaged in some good old fashioned adolescent fun and plugged in the Wii. Next time the princess is going to beat Luigi, mark my word.

And guess what big boy has officially learned how to open doors? In particular, the pantry door. While S and I were busy getting food together he managed to pull a whole thing of napkins out of the package and started ripping them apart. And it was so cute and funny I just let him keep doing it for like ten minutes so i could take some pictures:

 And, in what was probably the most unhealthy day of eating thus far in L's life, he used his cuteness into giving him lots of tastes of Santa's cookies and he got a brownie for dessert. A brownie that somehow managed to get more in his hair then his mouth. I think he is going to have a bit of a rude awakening when Christmas is over and he goes back to carrots and broccoli and cottage cheese, with graham crackers for dessert.

And, when it was time for L to go to bed we started a tradition that I want to make sure we keep doing every single year. We gathered around our Christmas tree, with all the lights of except for those on the tree, and read "The Night Before Christmas". It makes me excited to start these kinds of traditions and to know that they are something that we are going to carry on, not only with L but with all our other children. And hopefully these are things that our kids will remember and cherish and pass on to their children in an effort to make Christmas the most magical time of the year.

And now, this little sugarplum is snug in his bed, waiting for Santa to visit.

And a comfy couch, the "Santa Clause 2" and a handsome hubby our calling my name.