Thursday, October 31, 2013

38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks!!!! 9 days left!!! (Hopefully a little less!)
Maternity Clothes: I've been rocking non maternity leggings with a maternity tunic top a lot these days when I go out, or my maternity jeans. I've switched from my regular workout shorts to yoga pants for comfort, although they are all still non maternity. I'm most comfortable lazing around the house in sweats and a tank top these days! I'm pretty much down to about 3 outfit that are "cute" that I rotate through for Dr appointments or if I'm actually going out somewhere besides the gym or the grocery store!
What I miss: Everything!
Exercise: I did two good yoga classes this week and two days of lighter cardio. Still 2 miles, but I slower pace and a lighter incline. It felt really good actually. I'm definitely past the point of pushing myself and it feels good to get an "easier" workout in. I told myself that this was my last week, but we will see what happens next week! I might end up going a few days next week just in an attempt to get labor started!
Cravings: Oh my God.... Sugar! Halloween and pregnancy.... need I say more? And cereal. But not the good/healthier cereal I normally eat.... nope, I have totally stocked my pantry with Froot Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
Aversions: Nothing! 
Symptoms: Lot's of contractions,  pretty much all day every day. Getting stronger but still not consistent. Lot's of pressure. Hard to breath sometimes, rib pain, pubic bone pain. Also, he's been laying on my sciatic nerve and it makes my hips hurt/tingle. 
Labor Signs: Still dilated at 1cm. Having so so many contractions, and they are starting to really hurt. They are also radiating down my hips and through my back. On Tuesday night I really thought that I was actually in labor, but once I started to wake up S they stopped. A little frustrating, but my mom is getting here on Saturday, and honestly it would be easier if he just waited until then. 
Best moments of this week: Another good Dr Appointment where baby looked good, and of course celebrating Halloween with my boys! 

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