Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Part Two!

Ok, so I have been meaning to post since last weekend, but like most busy mama's out there now, suddenly I blinked and last weekend has turned into two weeks later..... crazy how that happens.

Anyway, after our small family celebration on L's actual birthday last Wednesday, we had his birthday "party" on Saturday. S's whole family came into town, which was great because we don't see them nearly often enough, and I love seeing how much in love S's dad is with his grandson.

Unfortunately it was a bit more of a grownup party, since none of our friend have kids yet ( Not to self: start hitting the park on weekends to make friends with mommy's with young kids for L to play with) but L still had a ton of fun and absolutely loved being the center of attention at his party. We saw old friends and family that we had gone too long without seeing, and our house felt filled with love and old memories. It was a great day.

While the adults sipped beer, chowed down on bbq and reminisced about old memories and what has happened in the year since L was born, my little guy flitted around like a regular social butterfly, showing off his walking skills and playing with all his new presents. I was very proud of him that he stayed completely happy and cheerful the whole time, despite the fact that we had a house filled with (what probably seemed to him) strangers, and he didn't take a nap all day.

 By the way? He LOVES this purple dinosaur!

And despite my over-analytical self stressing about decorations and food and drink, and possibly snapping at my dear husband a few times the morning of the party, everything turned out great, and I just cannot believe that my boy is a year old.

Happy birthday (again, and late!) darling boy! I love you more than words can say, and I can't wait for many, many more birthday parties!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My baby is one today. My little, helpless, cuddly baby has suddenly turned into a running, tumbling, independent little boy. How the heck did that happen?

One year ago today, after 17 hours of hard (ok, not that hard, I got the epidural like 10 minutes after getting to the hospital) labor, my baby came into this world, crying and red faced and kind of slimy...... he was by far the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Seriously, not to get all mushy and sappy, I never really knew what love was until L came into it. I mean real, unconditional, from-the-moment-I-set-eyes-on-you-I-would-take-a-bullet-for-you kind of love. If your a mama, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's hard to describe or put into words. It's loving someone so much even when you are elbow deep in poopy diapers, even when they are screaming for now apparent reason and you can't seem to comfort them, even when it's 3am and you are so tired you think you might die and all you want them to do is sleep...... you still love them unconditionally and without any limits.

So today was L's first birthday (If you hadn't guessed that already) and unfortunately S and I both had to work. But I still woke him up this morning by singing "Happy Birthday" and he got a big "birthday" greeting at daycare. After work I picked him up and we ran some errands to pick up his bday presents and get him a cupcake for dessert tonight. His actually birthday party is going to be on Saturday, but I still wanted him to have some presents to open and a cake and candle to blow out tonight.

I also made S and I a delicious (in my opinion) dinner of grilled steak sandwiches and picked up a bottle of wine, because today is really a say for us to celebrate too.

L wasn't totally sure what to do with his cupcake. He played with it more then he actually ate it, but he did share a few bites with me!

After the cupcake and a much needed bath it was time for presents. Please excuse the absolutely horrible wrapping jobs of the presents in the white paper. First of all, as I went to wrap his presents I realized the only wrapping paper i had was pink or Christmas... so I opted to turn the pink paper inside out. Second, it is really, really hard to wrap a V-tech helicopter-thing-a-ma-bob. I thought about  just sticking it in a bag, but I wanted him to be able to rip the wrapping paper off his presents.

It was a great day, if not slightly bittersweet for me. On one hand I am so proud and happy of my little man, but on the other I just cannot believe it has been one year, and that he is no longer my little newborn. It's really true what people say about time just flying by, and I want to make sure that take in every single moment with L as he grows.

So happy birthday, my darling baby boy. I love you more then words can express. Thank you for letting me be your mommy, I am so lucky.