Friday, June 2, 2017

End of the school year!

And just like that, the school year is over again! 

L graduated from first grade and will be a big second grader next year! That is seriously unbelievable to me. He's getting big way, way too fast.

And little R finished his first year of  Pre-school. Our little November baby still has two years of pre-school left before he's ready for kindergarten, but luckily he loves school just like his brothers!

And our big graduate this year was L2, who finished up his last year of Pre-school and is moving on to Kindergarten next year! Heading on to Kinder is obviously a big deal, as it signifies the beginning of real school. And we could, from the very bottom of our hearts, not be more grateful for L2's school this year. He got into Phoenix Day School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in November, and it has literally changed all our lives. The amount this little boy has flourished this year, the way his confidence has grown and his language, both spoken and ASL, has improved is amazing. And so we are so thankful he will be attending PDSD next year, and that he was accepted into their summer school program so we can keep his progress going. 

 (R enjoying L2's graduation program!)

The graduation was super cute, including shows from all the classes and a "ceremony" and certificate at the end to congratulate the new kindergartens. 

And after we got to chat with his wonderful teachers, where I shed more than a few tears as we thanked them and told them how much we would miss them next year. (although his teacher is so stinking amazing she face timed L2 tonight just to chat!)

And, after all the graduations and last day of school events, what better way to kick off our summer vacation than with a pool party with all of our favorite friends!

Let's do this, Summer 2017!