Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ice Cream!

You know we're getting close to summer…..

When we start doing impromptu ice cream dates in the backyard!!!!

Sometimes everyone just deserves a treat!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seven Years!

Well, I have to start this post by saying happy anniversary to my amazingly, wonderful husband. Seven years ago today I married my best friend, and I've only fallen more in love with him over the years. Thing haven't always been easy, because life and marriage and love aren't always easy, but we've always had each others backs. I can't imagine life without him.

We had a pretty fabulous weekend. On Friday some of my best friends from college came into town and I hosted a BBQ at our house. It was such a fun night, filled with reminiscing and laughing and staying up way too late!

Even though I only see them about once a year, I love these girls and I am so lucky to have them in my life. Every time we're together it's like no time has passed at all, we just fall right back into it.

After a late night on Friday we met up with everyone for breakfast. It's always a little crazy going to restaurants with the kids and between us we had five kiddos and 13 adults! It was loud and fun!

Breakfast was followed by sad goodbyes, and promises to try and visit soon. Then we went home and I took a long nap. Apparently I don't recover from long nights quite as well as I used to! Our anniversary was technically on Sunday, but we got a babysitter for the boys on Saturday night and went out. Nothing too crazy, but it was fun. We went over a new local brewery that just opened to try their beer (It was delicious!) and then we went up to the Melting Pot to grab appetizers, drinks and dessert. We were home right after the kids were in bed and spent the rest of the night relaxing in pajamas on the couch… pretty much a perfect night in my opinion!

Today (Our actual anniversary) S got up and made us a delicious breakfast of eggs Benedict's and mimosas. Then we went out to look at some model homes and run some errands, and then had lunch on our back patio while we enjoyed the beautiful weather. (it's been cool and slightly overcast  the last few days, which is pretty rare in Phoenix!) 

We ended the day with homemade nachos after the kids went to bed, and watched Game of Thrones. Definitely different then how we were celebrating seven years ago, but it was perfect!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Of course this post is coming about five days late, because I can't seem to do anything on time these days! But, hey, at least I finally wrote it, right?

We took our first camping trip of the season last weekend, and it was so much fun!

We headed up to Lake Pleasant, which, OK, is not my ideal camping spot. It's more dessert and dirt then pine trees and beauty, which is what I was used to in Nevada. But it is close and easy to get to and warm most of the year, so it works. And there is something pretty about the desert, even if I am more partial to the mountains!

(this is like a few hours into the trip…. so much dirt!!!)

This year we finally did something that we have been talking about for several years: we bought a kayak. Seriously, best investment ever. It was so nice to have something else to do, to be able to paddle out on the lake and enjoy the peacefulness of it, and the boys (especially L) loved it!

So we spent two days up at the lake. We did some light hiking, played in the lake and on the shore, took the kayak out and sat around the campfire! It's always a little nerve wracking taking three little kids, especially boys, out into the wilderness. Luckily we escaped with only a few scrapes and bruises!

We even let L take the kayak out by himself in the little cove we were in. I can't believe he is growing up so fast, and he was so stoked to have that kind of independence!

It was a blast, but two days is definitely my limit for being outdoors…. a hot shower and my own bed felt like heaven!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

The Easter bunny, whom L has named Roger, visited the boys and spoiled them with lots of goodies!

This was actually the first Easter in a few years that we haven't had my sister and her family, and my parents,  here visiting. I was a little sad about this, but I knew the boys were excited about Easter and we worked hard to make it a special day with our little family.

We woke up and "Roger" had hid a bunch of eggs in the backyard for the boys, and he'd also left them each an Easter basket. L was really good about holding back and helping the little boys find eggs, and I was very proud of him for that. L2 did a good job, but R still seemed more interested in picking up on thing, putting it in the bucket, and then dumping it out. Silly boy!

After our egg hunt I made us a yummy breakfast and Daddy and I had mimosas! We let the boys have a few pieces of candy, and read them the new book they got. Then we loaded everyone up and headed to the movies. We saw "Home" and it was super cute. I"m so glad we have made it a point to take the boys to movies since they were little, so they are used to it and for the most part are really well behaved. It's pretty amazing to me that we can take three little boys, five and under, to a movie theater and be confident that they will sit still and be good!

We had planned on walking around the mall after the move, but apparently the mall is closed on Easter, so instead we headed home for naps. For dinner we made the boys ham and S and I grilled up some steaks and I tried a new recipe for potatoes. We had these amazing cheesy potatoes at a steak house on a date night awhile back and they were amazing, so I found a copycat recipe and tried to replicate them! They were good, although still not as good as the restaurant!

It was a wonderful Easter, although I wish the rest of our family had been here! They boys had a great day though, and that's the most important thing!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter with their families!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter egg hunt

Happy Easter Weekend!

S had to work this morning, so I took on a task of epic proportion…. I took all three kids, by myself, to our towns Easter egg hunt. Seriously, I think I deserve a medal!

It was fun though. We ended up having to sneak L and R into the 3 year old group with L2 so they could all go together, but they all followed directions and stuck pretty close to me, and L was a really big help with watching his little brothers.

R's strategy was to pick up a few eggs, walk three steps, dump out his bucket, and then re-pick up the same stuff. He thought it was pretty funny.

S met us right as we were finishing up the hunt so we took the kids over to the bounce houses and let them play for a little bit, and then got a funnel cake before we headed home!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and dying Easter eggs. L is super excited for the Easter Bunny to come tonight. And apparently the Easter Bunny's name Roger.

Now let's hope the boys don't wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, since I need to sneak out before them to hide all of their eggs!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Summer is here!

Well, I meant to post this at the beginning of the week, but my body completely quit on me this week and I have been sick. I hardly ever get sick, and when I do it usually only lasts a day or two, but I have been achy and congested and have the worlds worst chest cough for going on five days now! So I apologize in the late post, but this is the best I've felt in a few days to sit down and actually write!!

Summer is officially here in Phoenix! (Really Phoenix only has two seasons…. summer and a little bit cool!) I always know it's the beginning of our season when we the days get longer (yeah for not waking up when it's pitch black outside!)  and when we finally hit the pool!

Now, in the thirteen years I have been in Arizona apparently my blood has gotten thin, because despite the fact that it was 90 degrees this weekend I still thought the water was way too cold to go in! But my kids had no such reservations and they were so excited! L got right in and started "swimming", L2 hung out on the steps, and R was so fearless he fell in no less then three times. Don't worry we were standing right over him each time, but I think it's time to get that baby some swim lessons if he's going to have no fear!

And, of course, no pool day is complete without Popsicles! It's become a bit of a tradition with us that we started last summer when S's aunt bought us this awesome Popsicle making kit. It was really sweet to watch L2 share his with R… even when R was a little hesitant to give it back!

(Can you tell he was excited?)

So summer is starting. That means weekends at the pool and lazier days and splash pads and ice cream and all those other "typical" summer things! Even though I'm not looking forward to it getting up to 120, I am looking forward to it!

Our new toy!

Ok, this post is coming about two weeks late, but I had to post a quick look at our newest toy!

The boys are absolutely in love with it! It took poor S 3 full days to build it, but I think it was worth every second! (Also, I helped a lot by supervising!)

We're already pretty popular with the neighborhood kids because of this new addition!