Saturday, September 19, 2015

L turns 6!

Happy 6th birthday, L!!!

Ok…. it was actually on Tuesday. I'm the worst, but in my defense, this week has been crazy. S came home to celebrate L's birthday and work from here for a week (he leaves again tomorrow) and I feel like we have been going non-stop.

But anyway, I know I say it every year….. but how is my baby six!!! He is turning into such a little person! It's funny because there are so many things that I see in him that are so S (the kid is so scatterbrained. On numerous occasions we have left the house, only to arrive at our destination and for him to realize he forgot to put on shoes!) and me (hello, crazy stubborn streak!) but the older he gets the more we get to see his unique personality coming out, and it's amazing.

Lucky boy, he got a long "birthday week". My mom and dad were in town so we all went out to dinner as a family on Monday night. Then S took the day off work on Tuesday so we could take him to school together. Of course, we had to do a yummy cinnamon breakfast (No cheerios on your birthday!) and take cupcakes for all of his classmates!

After school my mom and dad came over so we could open presents. L definitely got spoiled! He had a lot of presents to open, but he was very grateful and excited for each one!

After presents we went over to a friends house for pizza and cake. This had been L's specific request for the last month or so… he wanted to celebrate his birthday at his best friends house. Not a problem for us, since his mom has become one of my closest friends!

L2 and R especially enjoyed the cupcake portion of the night…..

It was a great day and a great night, and I'm so happy to be celebrating this little guy. He's getting big way too fast, but he is becoming such a kind and funny and compassionate and smart boy. Being his mom is the best thing in this world and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring!

And, in keeping with the week long celebration, we also had a birthday party for all his new kindergarten buddies today. That will be in the next post though, since I'm obviously lagging this month!