Friday, August 18, 2017

Pregnancy update

Well, here we are firmly in the second trimester! I'll be 17 weeks this Tuesday and the morning sickness has finally gone away! Overall I'm feeling OK, especially now that I don't feel sick all the time. I'm still pretty tired, which means I'm falling into bed by around 9:30 overnight. I'm starting to get a more noticeable baby bump, and I'm also starting to feel more uncomfortable. The first trimester was pretty rough, but now I feel like things are starting to move more quickly!

We did have a bit of a scare last weekend, when I started bleeding (sorry, TMI) and had to head to the hospital. I'll admit, I was absolutely terrified. When we got to the hospital the doctor wasn't able to find the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler, and I lost it. Thankfully they got an ultrasound machine in right away and baby was hanging out, kicking it's legs, and had a super strong heartbeat! I can't even describe the relief I felt. The doctors aren't sure what caused the bleed, and especially since I've never had anything like this in any of my other pregnancies, they want me to take it easy until I see my doctor again on Monday. "taking it easy" is not the easiest thing when you have three kids and are in the middle of a big move, but my mom was here for the first part of the week and was super helpful, and S has been great also. So no gym for me this week (which I hate) and I've been catching up on all my netflix and DVR shows! Hopefully I get the all clear from the doctor on Monday and things can get back to normal!

And a few bump pics!!

14 weeks!

15 weeks!

First Day of School 2017-2018

And here we go again.... the first day of school! This year we have a second grader (oh my God!) a Kindergartner (Double oh my God!) and a pre-schooler (seriously, what is going on?)

I have to admit, this summer was as amazing as I had hoped. Between the pregnancy and the never ending morning sickness which accompanied it for three months, and the stress of selling our house and re-doing the new house, the whole thing ended up being kind of a blur. So, while I always miss the slower pace and the lazy morning of summer vacation, I am actually looking forward to having a schedule again.

So, without further ado, the requisite "First Day of School Photos":

Little R, 3 years old, and going into his second year of pre-school.

L2, five years old, and going into Kindergarten.

And our big boy L, seven years old, and heading into second grade.

And my boys and me. They are wild and rambunctious. They drive me crazy sometimes, especially when the questions are never ending and the fighting and wrestling never stops. But, they have my heart completely.