Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family Visit 2013

We had our "Annual" Family Visit these past few weeks! It's become a bit of a tradition (at least over the last few years) That my sister and her family escape the cold Wisconsin springs over my nephews Spring Break and come enjoy the heat for a week or so. My parents always come down too, and it's become something that we all look forward too every year!

Can you tell L is excited?!?

This trip ended up being a long one, which was awesome because we got to fit in so much! One of the first things we did was let the boys have a big sleepover at our house. (My parents own a vacation home down here in the same area of us, so that's where everyone usually stays!) This was L's first sleepover, and he was so excited! He really worships his cousins and wanted to be with them every second that they were here!

We also did a camping trip again, just like we did last year. I love camping and we hardly ever get out and go anymore, but I have to say, it was a bit intimidating with all the kids! Everyone did good though, the weather was nice, and it was really nice to come home and shower after two days!

 I look like I have no hair! Just wearing a beanie! 

 L thought the fact that we turned out car into a bed was the best thing ever!

 L2 got a little worn out!

After we recovered from camping out next big adventure was taking the kids to the World Wildlife Zoo. This place is pretty cool, and like right down the street from us practically, but I admit that I have never been. It's just really super expensive!  But we went and it was enough fun that I think I'll be keeping my eye out for discounts so we can go again!

 Feeding the giraffes!

 The aquarium

 This was the point that L decided he thought the fish were scary!

And finally, we capped out an amazing visit with Easter Weekend! Unfortunately my parents ended up having to leave yesterday, and my sister and her family flew out this afternoon, but we still got to decorate eggs and have an Easter breakfast and egg hunt!

 My sister and out babies!!!! 

Baby cousins born two days apart!

We're all a little bummed out tonight, especially L, since everyone is gone now. The house seems too quite and it's strange not having a bunch of plans on the table tomorrow. I miss my family and these visits every year just reinforce to me how much I'd like to be closer to them!

So tomorrow it's back to normal life and normal routines!

Recital Time!

L had his first "school recital" last night. I use the term "school recital" loosely, because it wasn't your usual school cafeteria type of shindig. Rather, the parent company that runs L's school does a big fundraiser every year and they ask for volunteers from all of the classes to come and sing a few numbers. (Hello? A bunch of cute kiddos singing off tune.... it's donation heaven!) Anyway, we volunteered and for the last month of so L has been practicing "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" and "Doe-Rae-Mi" both at school and at home.
He had been really excited about it, but when we finally arrived at the theater last night he got really shy and I was actually a little worried he wouldn't go on stage!

 Doing some Piano warm ups!

Mama trying to get him to relax and have fun!

Anyway, we had about an hour wait and that gave him some time to calm down and start playing with his friends! He went on, and while he stood more in the back and I think did more swaying than actual singing, he still did it and I was so proud of him! It was really, really cute and I'm so glad we volunteered for it!

Getting ready to go on!

He did so good, and events like this just remind me what a big boy he is becoming! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

L's "first" Party

L had his "first" birthday party to attend today. He has been to other parties, but they have all been for kids whose parents S and I are friends with, and mostly have been first birthdays with a lot of adult and just a smattering of kiddos in attendance. This was his first party that he was invited to by a classmate and with all of his school friends going too. (Have I mentioned how much I am absolutely loving this whole school thing? Class parties, scholastic book orders, recitals and now birthday parties with friends? Love!!!)

S thinks I'm being a bit silly for being so excited about this, but it just feels like such a milestone. My baby is growing up. And I know in there will be a point in the future where birthday parties won't be a huge deal, and also where I may begin to dread them. I figure up until about fifth grade your in the situation of getting invited to every single birthday party for every single kid in the class, and I can see how that might start to get old. And then sixth grade and into the middle school years you start getting into "not being invited" territory. (Just typing that made a knot in my heart.) And lastly there will be the high school and college years where with the mere mention of the word party I'm going to have to be worrying about alcohol and bad decisions.

Oiy. I just made myself anxious for the coming years typing all that! So, silly or not, I think I will take this moment to just be excited about his fun, innocent, drama free "first" birthday party!

He's been excited about it all week, although the weather turned so bad this weekend I was worried it may not even happen. It did, but it was freaking cold! It's pretty rare to have a genuinely cold and rainy weekend in Phoenix, but of course we had it today! Despite the chilly weather, the party was a success. L had a blast playing with all his little friends, and I got a chance to meet a lot of the other moms in his class, which was nice!

Gathering candy from the pinata!

Pin the cupcake!

Getting face paint on his hand! He refused to get anything on his face!

Lunch, cupcakes and signing to the birthday girl!

Don't worry, L2 got in on the action too! He had fun playing in the park!