Saturday, October 19, 2013

Baby #3's nursery!

We finally finished the nursery! It has been such a process and I can't believe I didn't freak out more that it wasn't ready until my 37th week! First we had to actually move L2 out of the room and into L's room, move all his stuff over, put up the chair rail, add shelves to the closet, repaint, redecorate..... It was a big project! I am so so so happy with the way it turned out though! It's funny how much your taste changes over the years, and I was really over L2's nursery. I didn't like the green color and I really didn't like the jungle them we had went with. I think this is our favorite nursery we have done so far. L had a "surfer" them, L2 had the "jungle" them, but with this one I decided to go with a color/pattern scheme instead of an actual theme. Much more me.

Anyway, to start, here are some "before" pics of when it was L2's nursery:

The green color wasn't bad, but it was just a bit too bright for me in the end. And really, the jungle stuff was cute..... but I"m just not really a "theme" person.

The first update I wanted to make was to add a chair rail. I am obsessed with chair rails and paneling and moldings.... and our house has none of them! So I decided the nursery was the perfect place to add one, plus I knew I wanted to do the walls two toned!

Next we painted it. The top half is a gorgeous powder blue (I know it looks more purple in this picture, but it's not!) and the bottom is a light grey! (Obviously not painted yet in this picture!)

This picture shows when the walls were finally fully painted and the shelves were added to the closet. The room was in a total state of disarray forever, it drove me crazy!

And finally, the finished product! (Well, almost, we are still waiting on a crib skirt and bumpers that a friend is making us!) I really love it. I think the chair rail adds so much to the room, and I think the colors are so soft and soothing. You can't see the pictures in the frames very well, but I got some gorgeous prints off etsy in the same colors of the room!

We were going to get a new glider, but in the end just ended up giving this one a good deep cleaning! And of course, his blanket, made with love for him by his mama!

Adding shelves to the closet and a second bar for the clothes was the best thing I've done. We have so much more storage space and it's so much more organized!

So there you have it! The nursery is ready, so baby can go ahead and come when he is ready!

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