Friday, October 18, 2013

36 weeks!

How far along: 36 weeks! (37 weeks tomorrow! OMG.... 3 weeks left!!!)
Maternity Clothes: My workout clothes are still non maternity, but the rest is maternity! And pretty much as soon as I'm in the house these days the sweatpants come on! 
What I miss: Everything. I'm definitely getting to that point in the pregnancy where I am just ready to be done and have this baby here and have control over my body again! I can't wait to have a big glass of wine and plate of sushi and then sleep on my stomach! Oh, and not having to get out of bed 20 times a night to pee would be great too!
Exercise: Well, my friends, it has happened. I have officially hit my wall. Where last week I was still able to push through my normal workouts, even though it was super hard, this week I couldn't push anymore. I did two yoga classes and two light cardio sessions. (2 miles each time but a very low incline at 3-5 and a lower speed at 3.8-4.0) It's really hard for me to take it easy, but I know this is what I need at this point. My goal is to get in two, maybe 3 days, of yoga or light cardio the next two weeks, and we will see what happens in week 39!
Cravings: It's coming and going. Sometimes I am starving and sometimes I have no appetite at all. 
Aversions: Nothing! 
Symptoms: Lot's of contractions,  pretty much all day every day. Getting stronger but still not consistent. Lot's of pressure. Hard to breath sometimes, rib pain, pubic bone pain. Also, he's been laying on my sciatic nerve and it makes my hips hurt/tingle. 
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks every day, several times a day. More and more pressure. The baby feels super low and people have started to comment that it looks like he has dropped. Still dilated at 1.
Best moments of this week: A good Dr appointment for Lucas. A good Dr appointment for me and baby (step B negative! Yay!). Got the baby's going home out fit and found the prints I wanted for the nursery and got them hung. Starting to feel more and more ready. And had a good mall date with a friend today! 

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