Sunday, June 28, 2015

Enjoying: A big long post and a family visit

Hi all! I know I've been MIA this month, but I have a good reason! Between school getting out and figuring out how to spend our summer days, and then a big visit from my sister and her family, and my parents, I feel like we have been going a million miles a minute! I actually cannot believe that this month is almost over!

My sister and her family come to visit every year, but it's usually in March or April. This year her kids and her husbands spring breaks didn't line up, so it was moved to June. To say my poor Wisconsin family was a little shocked by the 115 degree weather is an understatement! But we had such a good time, it didn't matter!

This year they all stayed with us instead of staying at my parents house. It just made more sense and we wanted to the kids to spend as much time together as possible. It was cramped, but well worth it!

So here's a quick recap of our adventure over the last ten days. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of great pictures as I was just pulling out my iPhone when I remembered. I'm sure my brother-in-law got a ton of great ones thought, so when he sends me those I'll post some!.

Swimming days:

Most of our time was spent at the pool. It's such a novelty for my nephews and niece, and it was so hot it was almost a necessity! L is doing so great at swimming, and being around his big cousin really helped L2 get comfortable. Before this visit we were still pretty much dragging him in the water and he was scared, but now he is jumping in and ever "Swimming" to the step. R is our water baby and he is all about jumping in!

The Children's museum:

My nephews are obsessed with this place. It's always on our must do list, and this year was no exception. I admit, we have a great Children's Museum, and this trip was especially nice because it was not crowded at all! It felt like we practically had the place to ourselves! I think we must have hit that sweet spot where school is out so there were no field trips, but the summer camps hadn't started yet!

(R getting a ride from cousin A!)


(two of my three boys!)

Science Museum:

This year we decided to check out the science museum too. I knew my older nephews would love it, and I felt like our boys were finally old enough to enjoy it. I was right, and we also had a good time! 

I was worried that R might be too young to get much out of it, but he enjoyed it just as much as the other kids did!

(Grandma, Gramps, L and cousin A!)

(I love my little family!)

(whose that handsome guy?!?!)

A birthday celebration:

My oldest nephew turned 11 while he was here, so we all got to celebrate his birthday together. We actually did the science museum on that day, and then ordered some pizza for dinner and ate cake and ice cream!

(Make a wish!!!!)

(It's not a great picture, but all the kiddos waiting for cake and ice cream!)

And just a few random pictures. We spent a lot of time relaxing and hanging out and letting the kids play, and even took everyone over to the bowling alley and arcade one day. It was such a great trip and L and I shed lots of tears yesterday when everyone left. Our house feels very quiet and empty now, but the visit was amazing!