Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Third Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy!!!

I cannot believe L is 3. How is it even possible that my tiny 8lb 4oz baby is now a walking, talking, running, tumbling, funny, articulate little boy. 

He is truly the light of my life. (Along with his brother and his Daddy, of course!) And as he gets older it seems as though he is just learning and growing more and more everyday. And while I miss the baby days, and it's bittersweet to me that he is growing up so fast, I absolutely love who he is becoming. Every single day he makes me laugh. Sometimes he tests my patience, but then he will sweetly ask for a hug and a kiss. He tells me loves me and he gives high fives and every night he tells me "Sweet Dreams, Mommy!". Yesterday, when I asked him how old he was going to be, he told me: "Three and two cupcakes!" Seriously, the kid cracks me up!

He woke up this morning to find that Mickey Mouse (his favorite) had brought him some balloons, decorated our sliding glass door and brought him a chocolate donut for breakfast. We also opened a few small presents from mommy and daddy first thing in the morning, before the excitement of his party.

Because it's been a long day, I'm not going to upload all the party pictures from my camera, instead you are stuck with just the iPhone pics I took. But it was a good day, filled with people that we love and who loves our babies. L got a ton of wonderful presents and by the end of the day he was overstimulated, cranky, and happy all rolled into one. 

Oh, and his big present from Mommy, Daddy and brother? A brand new Cars scooter that lights up and plays music. He loves it, and we were out front until well after dark while he learned how to ride it!

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy. I love you more than you will ever know!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

parks and running

So when I loaded these pictures onto blogger from my iPhone the other day I apparently hit "publish" instead of "save draft"..... so no, I'm not being totally lazy and just posting pictures, I just didn't mean to post this blog yet! With that being said, these pictures are pretty self explanatory!!!

Fall, Fall, FALL!!!! I wrote last time about how I"m craving it, and this week the weather in Phoenix has been beautiful and almost "fall like" (at least for Phoenix). We've had several days of storms, wonderfully overcast sky and breezes, cool morning and nights and temperatures that have only been getting into the 90's.  It makes for some lovely park weather where we can enjoy a snack on a blanket and then let L run around to hit hearts content without worrying about heat stroke!

L2 is having a little love affair with apple slices these days!

Daddy and L enjoying our picnic lunch!

L2 enjoying some of the park equipment.... about 2 second after I took this picture a group of bigger kids came barreling through this tunnel and almost took my poor babe out!

The park was fun, but L2 was worn out by the end!!!

And one of the best parts of the weather cooling down, especially the mornings? We've been able to start running outside again! It literally impossible to run outside in Phoenix in the summer (unless you go at like 3 in the morning and it's still usually 90+ degrees!) and I hate how much I feel like I lose when I have to switch to just gym workouts. I mean, I keep running on the treadmill and add in lots of cycling and yoga and Pilate's..... but I don't really think anything beats an outside or is as good of a workout. Luckily I don't think I lost too much this summer. I was doing between 4.5-5 miles each time I went out at the end of last spring and I've done 3 miles everyday this week. I think that's pretty good considering: 1) it's still fairly hot outside 2) I haven't run outside on a track in almost 4 months 3) I feel like my two kids in the jogger stroller and significantly heavier then they were 4 months ago!

My goal is to get back up to 4.5-5 in the next two weeks and then keep pushing it further after that! Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Big 'Ole Post

This post shall be labeled simply "A Big Ole Long Post". It will jump around and have lots of pictures that I've been meaning to post. There is no real rhyme or rhythm to it.... it's simply what we have been up to lately, and since it appears I am on a "once a month" posting spree..... well, this is what we are left with!

My Boys

Ah, my boys. The exhaust me and make me laugh and I swear make my heart grow a little bigger each day. Sometimes it amazes me just how much I love them. The first few weeks after L2's surgery were hard.... harder then we expected. He was uncomfortable and hurting and just generally out of sorts. It was actually worse (at night) then we ever experienced with either of our boys as newborns He would go down, sleep for about an hour, wake up inconsolable, take half and hour at a minimum to go back down, and then be back up half an hour later. I felt like a zombie, all of our nerves were fried and at times it felt like we were at a breaking point. But finally, just when I wasn't sure we could take anymore, he started feeling better. And it seemed like the improvement went from 0-60 in just a few days. Now my littlest is back to his happy, playful (sleeping) self and we couldn't be happier.

Now that he is 10 months old and a little sturdier L is getting much more into playing with him and hugging him and helping him. Sometimes we have to remind him to be gentle, but for the most part L2 thinks he is hilarious and loves the attention.

L loves hugging him anytime L2 starts fussing on the ground.... and it always brings smiles!

My big boy.... we are planning a 3rd birthday in a few short weeks.... I really can't believe it!

Working on some standing.... 

Nap time with mommy.... 

And even more hugs!!!

My handsome little guy!


We've been doing some more playdates lately, which works our well for both L and I. He loves his new little friend and I love his friends mama. It so nice to have another mama who's so close, with a boy the same age who I can get together with and vent and laugh and share things with!

Channeling a 70-year old Grandma

When I was pregnant with L2 I was incredibly restless and needed something to help occupy my time. So I learned how to crochet. And I actually really enjoy it, and it comes in quite handy as my new go to gift for friends having babies is a handmade blankie! 

I'm by no mean an expert and at this point I'm pretty limited to blankets, washclothes and beanies.... but I did just teach myself a new chevron stitch and I'm thinking I may be making some nice Afghan like the one below for the women in my family for Christmas.

I've also been mildly throwing around the idea with another friend who does crafty type things of setting up a booth at our local farmers market and trying to sell some of my stuff..... thoughts?

Bedroom renovation

For literally TWO years we have had sample paint strip on our bedroom wall. I have wanted to paint our bedroom since the day we moved in, but other projects have always popped up instead. I finally put my foot down, went out and bought the paint and we painted out bedroom a lovely shade of grey. I love it. I don't have a lot of after pictures because I am still throwing around the idea of moving some furniture and adding a "reading nook".


For the most part, I don't mind Phoenix's weather. But right around this time I get an almost physical craving for fall. I want rainy, cloudy days and leaves changing and comfy cozy sweaters and warm cider. 

This is what I dream of for fall:

This, unfortunately, is what passes for fall (and every other season) in Phoenix:

But I can't enjoy fall outside, at least I can make it fall inside! So it's time to pull out the comfy pajama pants (even if the AC is still running!) start making hot chocolate and light all the fall scented candles, get some candy corn bubble bath and lather on the sweet pumpkin lotion!

OK, truth by told, I know everyone is obsessed with the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I'm actually a bigger fan of the salted Carmel mocha. And don't even get me started on the salted Carmel hot chocolate.... it's Christmas in a cup!

So that's it for our life update! I hope those of you who actually get "fall" weather are enjoying the change in season! And we will be posting more this month because not only do we have a third birthday in just a few weeks, we also have my ten year (!) high school reunion at the end of the month!