Saturday, March 18, 2017

First Camping Trip of 2017

It's that time of year again! As the rest of the country is finding themselves buried under snow, we are opening windows, wearing shorts and tank tops, and scrambling to get in a few good camping trips before the weather gets unbearable hot!

This post is late, but we managed to sneak out for a weekend a few weeks ago, and it was perfect. The weather was warm but not super hot, the water was cold but not freezing, and the lake itself was the highest I've seen it in a long time. It was perfect for kayaking and relaxing on the beach with a cold beer and a book!

Our friend joined us again, and it's always such a blast when they do. The boys (All five of them!) are in absolute heaven and it's always nice to have a few more adults around! 

(They brought their cute little puppy. She had a life jacket, and the jacket had a handle so she was like a little suitcase. Don't even ask me how amusing I found this!)

We spent the day hanging out, going  out in the boats and refereeing touch football games, and then after a yummy dinner (seriously, why does food taste so much better when it's cooked over an open fire and eaten outside?!) We put the boys down to bed and got to spend  couple of hours hanging out by the fire and having a few drinks with just the grownups.

We have one more camping trip booked when my sister and her family comes out in April, but hopefully we can get one or two more of these trips in before the temperatures start creeping into the 100's!!