Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rambling update

Hello friends! Sorry I've been gone so much lately..... here's a quick update with a smattering of pictures! Nothing concrete... just some rambling!

The weather here has warmed up into summertime. Like, it's been in the high 90's, low 100's. This is actually pretty nice weather for Phoenix. Not so hot that you melt walking from the front door to the car, cool enough to open the windows at night or sit out on the porch, and warm enough for kids to play in sprinklers and pools!

I find us hitting Target more than normal, on the days when it's too hot mid afternoon for a park run, but we're not quite ready to go home yet. The boys have discovered the "big" cart. L is obsessed with it... L2 is still a little unsure, but it gives him full access to harass his brother, so I think it's growing on him. I hate it. Seriously, it's like trying to drive a damn Cadillac through the store. Oh well, it keeps them happy!

(Some brotherly cuddles. I love how close these two are getting. I love how they fight and play and interact with each other now!)

We've also been spending most of our evening after dinner in the front yard, either riding bikes, playing with play dough, or coloring the driveway with sidewalk chalk. If the boys get really lucky, sometimes we bust out the bubbles. I remember when we got L this bike and he wasn't even big enough to peddle it. My big boy.

We also took the boys fishing at one of out local parks last weekend. I got attacked by some ants, which kind of ruined it for me... but everyone else had fun!

Last week we went down to California for about four days and it was wonderful and relaxing. The weather was perfect and the boys always love seeing their Papa and Grandma. We had to attend a wedding while we  were there.... S was a groomsman and he looked very handsome! I have no other California pictures except for a nice ocean view of where the wedding was, and an awful picture of S and me at the wedding! (It was super cold and super windy.... I swear my hair looked good before we left the house!)

In other news, we've had some tough times around here lately. L2 is dealing with some medical stuff, and it's been weighing pretty heavy on me. As a mama it's just the worse feeling in the world to be scared and worried for your child. It's nothing I'm ready to share yet, but prayers would be appreciated. I think we are finally getting close to getting some answers, and I am praying they are the answers we are hoping for. Regardless, I don't want to freak anyone out. L2 is the happiest, smartest, most affectionate little boy in the world and we love him to pieces. He is also tough as nails, and I know he is going to be just fine!