Tuesday, February 27, 2018


 So, I turned 29 (again.... for the 5th time...) last Friday.

OK, OK. I turned 34.

34!!!!! That number seems insane, because in a lot of way I genuinely still feel like I'm in my 20's!

But,  these days I"m feeling pretty OK with getting *older* because life is pretty amazing right now.  A year ago I would have guessed that we maybe would be pregnant or talking about getting pregnant right now.... I never would have imagined we would have already welcomed out little girl into our lives! This past year was crazy and full of surprises. I tapped into a political and activism side I never knew I had, and did some things  that normally would have been way out of my comfort zone. I'm proud of myself for getting involved and getting educated about the things going on in our world, and hopefully being part of the change to make things better for our kids. I lost my Grandmother. We sold our first house, the house we welcomed our three boys home to. We bought our dream house and put a lot of time and money and work into making it perfect. We found out we were pregnant!! (Definitely the biggest surprise!) Yes, it was certainly an eventful year!

So, after a crazy and eventful year of being 33, I'm feeling ready for 34 to be calm and peaceful. I"m excited to continue to working on our dream house and hopefully be able to start some major backyard renovations (hello, pool!) in the next year. I can't wait to see who baby C joins into and enjoy all those baby moments that come and go so fast. I think 34 is going to be pretty great!

 (my boys got me three succulent plants!)

(homemade birthday card!)

And at the end of the day, these are these people that make every year of my life so wonderful. (Not pictured is S, who I couldn't do this life without.) 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

One month

And just like that, my sweet baby C is one month old. It's seriously the craziest thing.... pregnancy goes sooo slow, especially that last month, and then the baby is out and time starts flying again and all you want is for it to slow down!

So, C's been here a month and I can't remember life without her. Overall, she's a pretty easy baby. I suppose you have to be when you are the youngest of three. She cries when she's hungry and tired and poopy, but overall she's pretty content. She does prefer to be held at all times, and if you can be up and moving and walking.... well, that would be great. She's great at going out places with us, although she's not a huge fan of the car seat. A friend gave me a ring sling, and I don't know how I survive the other babies without one. I use it daily, and never have to struggle with taking her bulky car seat out. And, she loves it and pretty much sleeps/cuddles through all of our outings. 

Sleep is..... OK. We nurse around 10 and then go to bed, and she tend to sleep (on a good night) until 1:30-2:00. Then she usually sleeps until 3:30 or 4 and we side nurse and doze together until it's time to get up. The biggest problem is she is an incredibly noisy sleeper. After the 2:00 feeding she tends to grunt and moan and make all kinds of noises, which keeps me awake. We've been doing some tummy massages the last few nights to help get gas out of her tummy, and so far it seems to be helping, so fingers crosses! S is still on paternity leave, so he gets up with the boys and takes them to school, so we usually get to sleep a little longer, which is nice. We have been getting up to go with R though because we've been walking and letting him ride his bike. He loves it, and I feel like I"m getting some exercise!

The boys still absolutely love her. R and L2 love kissing her and touching her head, and in the last week or so I feel like we've seen L really step up and start being more helpful. He will sit with her and try and comfort her and give her a binky.

She's nursing like a champ, which is amazing. I forgot how much I really love nursing and the bonding experience, and also just how easy it makes everything! I've also been pumping and building up a freezer stash, since I tend to overproduce, and I think we are going to introduce a bottle to her this week. It's always nice to let S give a bottle, especially at night, and also to know that when she gets bigger she can be left with someone besides me and still get milk.

So, that's pretty much it. She's a dream and this last month has been amazing. We love her so much!

And, I"m going to leave you with some bath pictures tonight because she just looks so cute, and her eyes look so blue!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Newborn Photos

We got baby C's newborn photos back, so this is just a big post of pictures! I'm so in love with all of them!