Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 weeks!

30 weeks! Here we go, final 10 weeks! God, I really, really hope the next ten weeks go by quickly! I am definitely at the stage of the pregnancy where I'm over it. I'm over answering the same fifty questions fifty times a day (Due in October. It's a boy. Yes, ten weeks does seem like a long time. Yes, it is hot. Yes, being pregnant in the summer in Phoenix is hard. This is my second.... and so on.) I know these people mean well, but I"m just getting worn out by it. I'm tired of the heartburn, and the leg cramps and not sleeping and no clothes fitting. I know, I am a huge complainer.......

On the bright side, for all the complaining, I really do feel better and healthier I think then I did when I was pregnant with L. I am so glad I have made myself stick to a strict workout schedule, even when it's the last thing I feel like doing and practicing self-control when it comes to ice cream. (for the most part... hey, I 'm not perfect!) Right now I'm doing three yoga classes a week (Power, candlelight, and just basic) a Pilate's and a yogalates. I'm having to modify some of the moves the further along I get, but I'm still hanging in pretty strong. I am also doing cardio five days a week, for at least 45 minutes each time. Seriously, sometimes I'll be in the middle of a class and all I can think is "I'm done. I can't do this anymore. This is crazy, I'm 7.5 months pregnant and I am going to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy on the couch with some cookie dough and not in this torturous class." But then the class is over and I feel so great and proud of myself and I find myself back there the next day.

In non-pregnancy related news, I cannot believe how big my baby is getting. I cannot believe he is going to be two in less then a month. How is that even possible? I look at him now and see such a little boy, no more of the baby left. (Except when I sneak in when he's sleeping ,then I can still see some baby!) He is officially sleeping in a bed with no toddler rails, we are working on the potty training, and his personality is shining through strong. He has lots of opinions about everything, he loves loves loves the dogs and cat, he is obsessed with raisins and mangos, he can push of the pool step with his face in the water and kick to me or S, and he absolutely melts my heart when he asks for a kiss.

As ready as I am for baby number 2 to get here, I struggle daily with how L is going to handle it. It makes my heart hurt to think that he is going to feel any less loved, or replaced, or jealous in way. I know it will all work out, and that he is going to be so lucky to have a little brother so close in age, but right now I can't shake the guilty feeling. I'm working on it though, and hopefully we can get him as prepared as possible before October gets here!

Seriously, have you ever seen a cute picture. He got out of bed to "read" his favorite book to himself during nap the other day, and then fell asleep in the chair.  This might be one of my favorite pictures ever!

And then here's a few 30-week bump pictures!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

L's Big Boy Room!

Well, we have officially reached the third trimester! Hurray, finally in the final stretch! I'll do a preggo update sometime later this week, but not tonight. I know I've been kind of slacking on those!

With baby due in a short 12 weeks (doesn't that sound so much shorter then 3 months?) we have been in project mode around here. Basically we have had to move our guest room to our office, our office to our loft, and make the old guest room the new baby's room. This has involved buying new furniture, painting several rooms, and since I figured we were already in DIY mode I had S strip and re-stain all of our old guest room furniture to help make it look newer and more updated. Needless to say, we are no where close to being done with all this, but we are making progress. Both rooms have been painted, the office has been moved and de-clutter to a small desk in the loft, and today we moved L's nursery furniture into the baby's room.

What to do about baby furniture has been a bit of a dilemma for us. We didn't want to buy another crib set, since L is almost 2, but we needed to make sure he was ready for a "big boy" bed before we made any decisions. I also wanted to get this all done way before the baby came (even though he will be in our room for a while and won't even need the nursery), so L didn't feel like we were "taking" his stuff and giving it to his brother. So basically, we decided to convert his crib to a toddler bed on a trial basis, make sure he was ready, and then decide on buying beds. Well, we have never looked back since converting it. L did amazing switching for the crib. We put the baby gate up on his door at night and during nap time so he can't leave his room, and occasionally he will get out of bed and fall asleep in his glider or the floor, but for the most part he has been fine in the bed. If anything he lets us sleep a little longer in the morning because he will get up and play in his room for awhile.

So once it was decided that the new baby could have the nursery furniture we decide the best plan was to buy a bunk bed set that could be used as two twin beds. We figured we could use the top bed on it's own for L, since it has rails similar to a toddler bed and store the bottom bunk. Then once baby is old enough, the boys can share a room and use the bunk beds. Problem is with everything else we have to buy right now we were trying to find room in our budget to drop $600 (minimum) on a bunk bed set. Then something amazing happened. My Pilate's teachers came to me and told me they were getting rid of all their old baby furniture and they had a crib they were getting rid of if we wanted it. A crib that also could convert into a toddler bed. On top of that, this is a really really nice crib. It retails for almost $1100 but she wouldn't take any money for it, it was ours for free if we wanted it. Problem totally solved. We would use the new crib, converted into a toddler bed for L for the time being. This gives us plenty of time to wait until after the baby comes and we have more money in the budget to buy an actual bed set for him, but it also let's us transition him to "new" furniture and get the nursery set up so he can get used to everything before October. Sometimes it's really unreal how things end up working out, especially since I have been stressing about this so much.

So, after that long explanation, let me bring us to today. I kept L downstairs while S moved all of his nursery furniture out of his room and into the nursery. (We shut and locked that door for now so he can't see his old stuff in there). Then we made it a family event to put together his new bed and set up his new room so he could be excited about everything. S did all the heavy lifting and putting together, I supervised and L....... um, he helped.

I was dying with laughter when L kept sitting on S's chest while he was trying to put it together.

He also read Daddy a quick story to make sure he didn't get bored while he was doing all the manual labor.

And then once the bed was together? He wouldn't get out of it..... even when S was trying to move it to the other side of the room. (Yes, I was still laughing)

So, after all, that I give you  L's brand new, big boy room! (It does drive me a little crazy that the wood doesn't match exactly on all furniture, but I keep telling myself this is only temporary!)

I can't believe my baby has  room like this. I can't believe he is almost 2, and I can't believe he is going to be a big brother. How can 9 months of pregnancy drag on FOREVER and yet 2 years be gone in the blink of an eye?

Anyway, next up on our list is to finish the baby room, the guest room and add some finishing touches to the loft.... and I think I'm going to ask S to paint the kids bathroom while were at it..... so more updates to come!