Tuesday, May 31, 2011

18 Weeks 3 Days

Almost 19 weeks! Once we hit 20 weeks we are halfway there, thank God! I've been feeling pretty good, although I'm still feeling sick every once in awhile and I'm definitely tired. It's been several weeks now since I have even attempted to put on my regular jeans, because I know they won't fit and it will just depress me. I'm starting to feel a bit more achy, which seems like it's starting earlier then it did with L. OK, enough with the complaints, right? We find out on Friday what the sex of the baby is, and although I have different reasons for wanting a boy and a girl, I have a feeling it's going to be a boy. I guess we will find out for sure in a few days! And this baby is moving a ton!  I feel him/her moving all the time and I can't wait until the movement is strong enough for S to feel him/her also!

I have to say, I think this middle period of pregnancy is probably my least favorite. I know everyone says it is the "honeymoon" period where you feel great and have a ton of energy and blah, blah, blah.... but personally? Not a huge fan. Right around this time I always get into a bit of a slump. The novelty of first finding out your pregnant and the excitement of sharing the news has worn off a bit, but it's not close enough to the end to really start getting to excited. It's like the end of the tunnel just feels really far away right now.

But despite the aches and the tiredness and the general blah-ness right now, every time this baby moves my heart fills with love for it and I am reminded about how blessed I am to have the most perfect baby boy, another on the way and a great husband who puts up with my moodiness!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 weeks

OK, 15 weeks! We are officially into the second trimester. I have been feeling better, the morning sickness seems to be for the most part gone, although it still keeps occasionally popping up now and then, which is really irritating. I've noticed that I really tend to feel sick if I eat any meals that are too big or too rich, so I'm trying to be good about that, although I am also getting to the point where I am hungry all the time.

A few weeks ago I strained my back pretty good, but it seems to be getting better. It is hurting though and I'm having trouble lifting L easily in and out of his crib. I also think I may have pinched my sciatic nerve, I'm having this awful, electric like pain all along my left hip, leg and lower back. It's weird because I never felt anything like this when I was pregnant with L, although I guess it's true when they say every pregnancy is different.

I feel like I'm showing a lot earlier then I did with L, although if you didn't know me you would probably just think I had put on a couple extra pounds or had a little beer belly! I prefer when I"m more noticeably pregnant, that way people don't just think I'm fat!

We have a Dr. app in two weeks and he is going to do an ultra sound then and try and let us know if we are having a boy or a girl. I am soooooo excited for this, I can't believe we are already this close to finding out!

We'll keep you posted, and here is some pictures of my growing "roundness". (Oh, and I know I look like crap in these pics, they were taken at the end of a long day and after a trip to the gym!)


My family (parents, sister, brother-in-law, and both nephews) came out to visit a couple of weeks ago, and life has gotten busy and, to be perfectly honest, I have gotten lazy and keep forgetting to upload the pictures to my computer. So here is a several week late update on the fam's big visit to Phoenix.

Normally I'm pretty content and well adapted to the fact that S and I don't have family out here. I'm secure in the fact that we have each other and that is the most important thing, and while we miss out on game nights and cousins and family dinners, there is also something to be said about being somewhat removed from family drama and never being guilted into having to attend a family dinner....

But then they all come out and it really hits me what I'm missing. Seeing L play with his cousins and how happy he is when they are here makes my heart hurt for him that he is not going to grow up with these boys. And I miss having bonding time with my mom and my sister, and I know S like being able to fire up the BBQ and throw back some beers with my dad and brother-in-law.

But regardless, our situation isn't going to be changing anytime soon so we made the most of the time we had.

Being from Madison, WI and the fact that is was still only in the low 50's when they left, my nephews were in paradise with the 90 degree weather and 24 hour access (not really) to the pool. From first thing in the morning until they fell into bed at night they were begging to go swimming. And L was right there with him.

so happy to be swimming with Gramps!

You can't tell by this picture, but a massive water fight is forming and teams and allies are being chosen carefully.

My little swimmer. He loved these goggles so much!


After the kids and adults were worn out from swimming all day we would settle in for a movie and watch the kids play. You can tell by these pictures that they are all exhausted, but they refused to give in to it.


We packed everyone up in my sister's rented mini van (somehow I got stuck with the very back center seat) and headed to the Phoenix Zoo. We've been in Phoenix for almost 4 years now, and this is the first time I've ever been. I have to say, even though it's really far away and pretty pricey, it was pretty cool. I would defidently like to take L back.

L loved the minivan. Seriously, he couldn't stop smiling and looking around. He especially was digging the fact that he was able to look at the people in the row behind him.

Eating all of Mommy's frozen lemonade.

A souvenir stuffed monkey to remember the trip by.

And he was out. Completely wiped.


The Children's Museum is probably one of the coolest places in Phoenix. L loves it, my nephews loved it.... even I have a blast and I'm not a kid!

Building a fort.

Yes, he is driving a giant pickle. Stay off the roads!

And the best part about this whole trip? Finding out the my lovely older sister is preggo with her third child, and, get this........ she is due October 27th, just two days before me! How crazy is that? So by this time next year our little brood of 3 rambuncious cousins will be upgraded to 5!

Mother's Day

I hope all the fabulous mama's out there had a wonderful and happy Mother's Day! I can't believe this is my second mothers day (third if you count the one where I was preggo with L) and not only do I have the most darling and beautiful little boy in the world, I have another on the way!

Unfortunately, my morning sickness reared it's ugly head on Sunday (someone needs to get my body the memo that I'm 15 weeks and this is suppose to be over!) so plans for a day by the pool, a mani/pedi and possibly a massage were scrapped and I spent a big part of the day napping and then the evening relaxing and watching movies.

But, honestly, even though it wasn't an activity packed day, it was awesome because I was surrounded by the two people who love me most in the world.

The flowers and extra large bag of M&M's didn't hurt either:

And really, what else do I need besides this sweet boys face to remind me how lucky I am to be a mama?