Monday, January 6, 2014

two months

This post is coming a few days late, but as of the 3rd of January my sweet baby R is two months old.

Seriously, time?  You need to slow down a little.

But, as bittersweet as it is, I am loving watching this little guy grown into himself. He is just starting to give us sweet smiles. He does lots of "sleep smiling", but you have to work for his awake smiles. When he does give them he does this cute little half smile. He also gets super smiley at about 3 in the morning right after he has spit up on me..... apparently that is funny!

H has tentatively found his hand and he has been enjoying chewing and sucking on it. He also gave himself a hickey last week by sucking on his arm during tummy time. Speaking of tummy time, he's not a fan. He fusses and moves himself around until we flip him.

His head control is getting much better and he's not nearly as "newborn" floppy. He's also making more cooing sounds and they are so sweet!

He's goes down for bed around 9:45-10:00 and lately has been sleeping anywhere from between 1:00-2:00. It's nice that we're getting a little longer stretch. After his 2:00 AM nurse and a diaper change he goes down until between 4:00-5:00 and then he starts moving around and I bring him into bed with me. We do a little "side-nursing" and doze until it's time to get up. Lately this has been around 7:45, as the older boys are sleeping later!

He is a very sweet baby, and also pretty easy. If he gets upset he usually just wants to eat, get changed, or be held. There is not much that can't be fixed with him with a cuddle. He loves being wrapped in the moby when I do stuff around the house and when we are out doing errands. He also thinks his brothers are pretty funny, although after a few whacks to the face he is a little more hesitant of L2. L is a great big brother, he is always willing to give him a Binky or get me a burp clothe.

We are still exclusively breast feeding, although I also am pumping to help build up my supply and build an extra stash in the freezer. I make a lot of milk, so our freezer is practically full, but it makes me feel reassured that if I"m ever not here for some reason he can have a bottle and still be getting mommy's milk. S does usually do the 9:45 feeding with a bottle. It gives me a little break and it also gives Daddy and baby some bonding time.

So happy two month birthday to my sweet baby! We love you so much!!!