Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

(You know, last Thursday. Whatever)

I've officially decided that Thanksgiving might be in the running for my favorite hospital after Christmas. I mean, a day where you pretty much do nothing but eat and drink all day??? Sign me up.

I was a little worried out holiday may be not as a great this year, because poor L2 had to have surgery on his mouth last week and was still on a liquid/soft food diets when Thanksgiving came. But, to be honest, he's a pretty picky eater and he wouldn't have eaten 90% of the food we served anyway. He was perfectly happy with yogurt and some ice cream… I think the only thing he really missed was being able to eat the bread rolls!!!

Unfortunately our families were not able to join us this year, but our wonderful neighbors came over for dinner. We are seriously so lucky to have them, they do so much for us and have become like family. Plus, the boys absolutely love them and they have a little girl that they all love playing with!

And now we are officially into the Christmas season! My favorite time of the year, but I'm already stressed out with how much I need to to do!

I hope everyone enjoyed their meals and family time as much as we did!

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