Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Christmas house!

Our house has been fully "christmas-ized" for the last week now, and I love it.

S went out last weekend while I took L and the little boys to his T-ball game and found the perfect tree. Normally I wouldn't let him pick something out without me, but I have to say…. he did really good.

It's a great tree, and we had a great time decorating it.

And by great time, I mean that R stepped on several ornament and broke them, and L and L2 fought over who was going to get to hang what ornament.

But still, Christmas carols were playing and we had eggnog. They may be like bulls in a china shop, but I love that they love Christmas as much as I do. And L likes hearing all the stories about each ornament, and what they mean.

There's our first house ornament, all three baby first Christmas ornaments. There's one for the dogs and one that has L2's footprint. We have a buzz lightyear that is L's favorite, and ugly ones from S's work, that I hid in the back of the tree, but still hang because they are part of our story.

L2 helped me hang the low ornaments, and L got the special job of helping daddy put the star on the tree, something he was very excited about!

And then we tried to take a picture of all three boys in front of the tree. This is the best we could get! And for some reason R has his christmas PJ's on inside out AND backwards AND over his clothes.

And finally I'll leave with pictures of all our house Christmas decorations!

Tis the season! Merry Christmas everyone!

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