Monday, December 21, 2015

Zoolights 2015

So this is a week late, but what's new. I feel like I start all my posts like that these days, so maybe we should all just assume that whatever I write about happened a week ago?

Anyway, S's work did their annual Christmas Party last week. They usually try to make it a family affair, which is really nice. (although, I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't say no to a night out with just adults and no kids!)

Anyway, this year they did it at Zoolights. It's the Christmas celebration they do at the Phoenix Zoo, and I've always wanted to go but it's always been too far away/too expensive/ too busy of a time. Truthfully, the Phoenix Zoo is pretty awesome, but it's also an hour away from our house, and with such young kids I"m sometimes hesitant to spend a lot of money and travel so far when it might end up being a bust.

But Zoolights was pretty spectacular, and it was nice that it was part of the party so we didn't feel like we had to spend a certain amount of time to make it worth it.

We went after our neighborhood party, and we ate dinner and walked around a bit and then went home. It was really cold out, but I think we spent the perfect amount of time and we all really enjoyed the show!

L was a little disappointed that we were at a zoo and he didn't see any of the animals, but he seemed satisfied when we told him that they were all sleeping.  L2 was happy that he got a few cookies and didn't have to walk anywhere, and R is young enough that he actually seemed to think the light and the music were really cool!

(If only we all had the enthusiasm of a 2 year old!)

I'd say it was pretty successful with how fast everyone passed out afterwards!

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