Wednesday, December 23, 2015

California Christmas Trip 2015

Well, this last weekend we took our annual trip out to California to celebrate Christmas with S's family.

S had a great time, seeing his family and visiting with old friends. The boys had a great time, seeing their grandparents and aunt and uncle and getting to run free and explore on their amazing property.

(Bath time in Poppa and Grandma's super cool tub!)

I'd love to tell you what a great time I had…. except I came down with strep throat on the second day. Seriously, is that Murphy's Law or what? I've spent the last month taking care of everyone while one illness after another went through our house, all the while never catching anything because I just couldn't. Literally I think I willed my body into being healthy because we just didn't have the time for me to be sick.

But, of course, the second I had chance to relax and catch my breath I ended up down for the count.

(In all fairness, it's probably my fault. I did volunteer at L's school the day before we left!)

Anyway, enough of my pity party. The boys and S had a great time, and that's what is important. S's sister was in town, and his brother is living at home again, and the boys love spending time with them. We also got to spend time with S's best friend from high school, and his girlfriend, on the night before I got sick.

And then I pretty much have no pictures or stories, because I spent the next day and a half in bed. I know, I know…. poor me. But it did really suck.

By Sunday  I was able to pull it together enough to to Christmas/opening presents with the family.

And as usual, our boys got totally spoiled!

(This is L2's "angel" face! Don't' let it fool you!)

The boys got so many toys I was surprise that we were able to fit them all back in the car for the drive home! And the hard part was convincing them that we probably shouldn't open ALL of them before we left the next day!

(Poppa opening his present!)

(This is R's "Give me my present look")

I was proud of the boys with how grateful and thankful they were for all of their gifts. At this age, it's easy for them to get consumed by the toys, but the boys did really well!

And they also made out like bandits…..

So that was our last day. We went out to dinner that night, which was fun, and I'm glad I was feeling well enough to go and eat. Honestly, by that point I was starving! Strep throat really does a number on eating!

So the weekend wasn't exactly a blast for me, but the moments I was around for were wonderful. And everyone else had fun, which is the most important thing!

(I have to add that we are now home, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and S just got diagnosed with Strep! Please send healthy thoughts to our family!)

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