Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The Asuncion's go camping!!!

(And R was super helpful with the packing!)

We hadn't been camping since spring, and we would usually go right at the end of summer, but with S gone from the beginning of August to the end of October it really wasn't an option this year. Even though it's already November I really wanted to try and squeeze in one last trip, and luckily living in Arizona we are able to go much later in the season!

I will say, it got colder then I would normally like. The days were beautiful, but the nights and mornings were really cold, and in the future I'm not sure if I would go that late in the season again. We also went kayaking, and while it was beautiful out on the lake the water was way to cold to actually go in!

But the dirt was obviously still perfect, and the boys had a blast digging holes and collecting treasures!


The boys were much less wimpy then I was and they did good in the cold weather. As always, the loved the fire and they have this mama several heart attacks when they got to close/wild around it. We did marshmallows, but L informed us that he doesn't like S'mores. Apparently he likes marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers…. but not all together. If you put them all together, according to L, they are "damaged". This kid, I swear.

The first morning I was freezing, but the boys got hyped up on hot chocolate and pancakes and were ready to go. I was ready to crawl back into my sleeping bag in the camper (and I did for awhile) but eventually it warmed up enough to head down to the lake.

(For the record, R did not sleep well the night before, and he kept me up most of the night too. So he took a nice little nap!)

The lake was pretty low, but once it warmed up it was beautiful out and it was a great day for kayaking. L took it out by himself and few times (within eyesight and with a life jacket, of course!) and R had a great time going out with mommy. As usual, L2 wanted nothing to do with it, but hopefully one of these time he will warm up to it!

We spent most of the day at the lake and then went back to the campsite where L decided he was a budding photographer. S was very calm about letting him use the (expensive) camera and take pictures. I'm thinking a point and shoot camera of some kind might be good Christmas gift!

(Doesn't he look like he belongs in Seattle or Portland?)

And then there is this kid… he is just to funny for words!

We ended the night with another great campfire and, of course, S'mores. It was a great trip, but I was definitely ready for my soft bed, a bubble bath and our comfy couch the next day! Two days of "roughing" it is my limit!

Apparently S would like to argue that camping in an established campground, with flushing toilets, and a bed in an enclosed camper is not roughing it…. but I beg to differ.

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