Friday, June 4, 2010

Looking on the bright side......

I've been in a major writing funk. Everytime I sit down to do a post I realize I am poised above my keyboard, hands in position to put my thought in writing, but all that is about to come out is rants, raves, and overall bitching about life.

I don't like posting when everything seems kind of negative, because I like to think I am not a negative person, and I would hate to portray that. But this last week L had a very  high fever (104=super worried mama!!!) and was out of daycare all week, which meant S and I has to juggle our schedule to each call in sick to be able to stay home with him. On top of that I had some major work drama that I won't get into to much on here, for fear that it could possibly get back to those who employ me. Let's just say that this week has made me reavaluate my current position and wether it is truly the right place for me. Also, money is tight, I've gained 2 pounds, L is teething and my cars "check oil/engine" light keeps going on.

So that is the debbie downer part of this post. I hate writing about all that is wrong, but I guess that is life. And sometimes we all have bad days/weeks/months and that is what makes us human, right?

On the bright side of life, our Memorial Day Weekend rocked. We had a weekend chocked full of plans; friends, barbeques, and a much needed girls night out. It started on Friday when two very good friends on mine from college came in to town and we met them, along with another friend, for happy hour. They got to meet the baby and we got to catch up, reminise and laugh. Heaven. On Saturday S had to work so L and I got our clean on a scrubbed the entire house top to bottom. Quite a feat when toting around a 20 pound baby, but sometimes nothing feels better then the cleaning chemical induced high of a spotless house. (Dont' freak out, I actually use all natural and organic cleaners to spare L's poor little lungs, the high is all in my mind). That afternoon we had a pool party/bbq to attend for another friends birthday. L spent forever in the pool, in an infant approved floaty, and loved it.

And finnally, that night, we had the much anitipated girls night. Since L had been born, and really since I have settled into the role of "wife" and don't participate in these night as much. But that almost makes them oh so much sweeter when they do happend. The above mentioned friends from out of town, myself, and another good friend met at my house where we got all dolled up, listened to to Journey, and applied "going out" makeup. After that we went to a fabulous resturaunt where we sat on couches outside, drank fruity drinks out of huge glasses, and munched on delicious and expensive appetizers.

I loved, loved, loved it. I loved sitting with old friends and laughing about past antics.I love swapping stories that we have all heard a million times and teasing each other about stuff that happened ages ago, but it still kind of embarrasing. As much as I love being a wife and a mommy, I like remembering who I use to be.

Dinner was followed by a night of bar hopping, singing loudly to songs that we all know by heart, laughing at guys who would try to cozy up to our little group, and overall just having an amazing time with my girlfriends. And the best part, at 2 A.M. when the night ended (by the way, I was soooooo tired at that point, how did we ever stay up so late!)  I got to go home to a sleeping baby and a wonderful husband.

So despite the kind of icky week that followed, and the lack of writing that accompanied it, as I've sat down to write this post I've realized the all the icky really does pale in comparison to all the fabulous. And life really is fabulous, wether it;s happy hour, girls nights out, cuddling with babys and husbands, or just really clean houses.

And, no matter how bad the day, I always know I get to come home to this:

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