Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old friends and Summer Vacation

School's out for summer!

I drove home from work today with the windows down, the wind blowing through my hair, and the Alice Cooper hit blaring from my stereo. I was free.

(Ok, in reality, L was sleeping in the backseat, so the windows were up, the AC was on, and the while Alice Cooper was playing, it was low enough not to wake the baby. But in my mind, it was loud and there was wind in my hair.)

Today was my last day of work before I go on summer vacation. Four full weeks off. Amazing. I do enjoy my job, but the idea that I have an entire month to do nothing but spend with L makes me so incredibly happy. I will be able to bring him into bed with me in the morning, where we can cuddle while he eats, instead of rushing through nuring while I try to get dressed and get us both out the house on time. I am going to go back to my morning pilates classes, which hopefully will whip my butt into bikini shape. And I can let go of the stress of work and just focus on my family. How lucky am I?

And to jump start my summer vacation, we had dinner and wine with dear friends tonight that i don't see often enough.

Jasmine and Susanna and I have been friends since college, and they are truly what you can call "Real Friends". The kind of friends that you can not see for months, even years, but when you meet up again you just pick up right where you left up. And I love that even though it's been awhile, they came in and loved on L as though he was one of there own. Suz is engaged now, and Jazz in a serious relationship, and I can't wait untill I can love on their babies on day. I love that I have friends like this.

So happy summer everyone! Hopefully with this break inspiration will strike and I will be posting even more!

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