Saturday, June 12, 2010

One man wrecking machine

It is a few days shy of L's 9-month birthday, and my sweet baby boy is turning into a crawling-almost walking-babbling one man wrecking machine! The child is into everything! He is so curious and has to explore every inch of his enviroment. And now that he has officially mastered crawling, and is now pulling him self up on stuff and able to "kind of" walk if he is holding on to furniture, there is not stopping him! And even though I now spend pretty much every waking  minute trailing after him as I pull him away from stuff he is not suppose to be getting into, picking up the toys that are strewn everywhere, and occasionally rescusing Lucy (the cat) from him, I love every second of it. He really is turning into a boy, and while I am sad to leave the baby days behind us, I love who he is becoming!

He loves crawling into the cubby where we keep his toys downstairs and pulling out every single thing. I think he wants to make sure that he knows all of his options before he decides which toy to play with. And after he pulls out all of his toys, he usually decided he would rather play with the remote, or a DVD. I guess he sees Mommy and Daddy playing with those and thinks they must be fun!

He still isn't saying any actuall words, but he sure does love to talk. He babbles and shrieks and laughs pretty much nonstop. It's really funny when he chases after the dogs shreiking at them becasue he is so excited.... they are not totally sure what to make of it. I keep trying to get a video of him doing this, but neither animals nor baby is being cooperative.

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick update and post some pics before we get on with our Saturday!

Oh, and by the way, L spent his second night in the nursey last night, and you will all be very proud to know that I didn't sleep in his room with him.

I slept outside the door.

Hey, baby steps, right? :)

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