Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

What a wonderful holiday, because really, is there anything more wonderful then men who are good Daddys? It was S's first Father's Day since L has been born, and I think I was more excited for this day then he was. Because money has been so tight, S made me promies not to get him anything, but he didn't make L promise. And L. being the strong willed child that he is, went right on out and bought his Daddy and adorable "Daddy and me" picture frame for S to put on his desk at work, and another frame with three pictures in it: one of mommy while she was pregnant, one of L right after he was born, and one of the whole family in the hospital after he was born. And being the good wife that I am, I  only bought him a card, per his request.

And seeing the joy, and the emotion in S's eyes as he opened his gifts was a gift to me. I am so lucky to have this man. I always new S would be a great husband, long before I married him, even before I was really fell in love with him, I knew this. It is just the kind of man he is. And becuase of the man he is, I also new he would be an amazing father. But, really, this amazing? Beyong my wildest dreams.

I can't wait to watch them grow together, this man and this little boy. I can't wait for little league games, pop warner football, fishing and camping trips, lessons to be learned, and father son talks. I know that they are going to teach each other so much, and I know that I am going to learn equally as much from both of them.

And I am excited for future children, who will be so lucky to have S as a father. But for now I am just so happy with my little family of three, me and my two men.

And I can't end this post without a shoutout to my own Daddy. Thank you, Dad, for supporting me, encouraging me, and loving me always. I know I wasn't the easiest teenager and I know at times (all the time?)  I was a handful,  but you always stuck with me. Thank you for being at every soccer game, every basketball game, every track meet. Thank you for not pushing me to talk when I was crying about boyfriends, but for still being there for me just the same, and for pushing me to stay at college when I was so homesick I just wanted to come home. I wouldn't have what I have now; a loving husband, a beatiful son, a beautiful life,  if you hadn't helped shaped me. I owe you I am, in part, to you Dad.  (The other part, of course, is owed to my mom, but this is a Father's Day post! I love you too, Mom, you know that!)

So, to the men in my life who are great Father's, Happy Father's Day! And to my wonderful hubby, thank you for who you are, both as a husband and a father. I love you.

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