Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Break 2016!

L had his spring break this last week, so in true spring break fashion we headed out of town to the beach.

OK, it was a little different from the college days of Spring Break. Instead of loading up my crappy ford escort with bikinis, Coors light, and too many passengers, we loaded up our family SUV with three kids, snacks for the road, and an audio book. My, oh my…. how times have changed!

But, nevertheless, there was the beach. So without further ado, I give you Spring Break 2016!

The Beach

I mentioned the beach, right? I admit, I was not totally on board with hitting it up this trip. The beach in March tends to be cold and foggy…. not totally my idea of a good time. But the boys (ALL the boys, S included!) really wanted to go, so off we went.

And despite being chilly and foggy, it was beautiful. Mother Nature did not disappoint!

L has loved going to the beach and chasing waves since he was about 3, but it's taken L2 and R a little while longer to warm up to it. Last time we went, L2 didn't move from his spot on the sand and was not having it at all. I'm so happy that both of them seemed to really enjoy themselves this time, although neither of them is quite ready to brave the cold water yet!

And while L is not old enough just yet to go surfing (although his dad is counting down the days!) he enjoyed showing me his surfing moves on shore!


Two of my best friends from high school both live in Southern California, and luckily this trip we were able to coordinate our schedules to meet up for brunch! We met at an adorable little restaurant in Hollywood, and even though it's been two years since we've seen each other we picked up exactly where we left of!

One of them is getting married in September, so there was lots of wedding and bachelorette party talk!

Underwood Farms

One of our favorite little places is a cute family owned farm called Underwood Farms. The boys always have a blast running around, climbing on the play trains, riding the cow train, and going through the petting zoo!

L2 didn't want to do the petting zoo, but L and R had fun brushing the goats!

And R was intrigued by this huge bunny! He desperately wanted to be friends, but after a few minutes of R's loving the bunny escaped and hid from him!

The cow train is always a favorite!

(OK, he looks miserable, but I promise he loved it once we started moving!)

And since it was so close to Easter the farm had some extras set up, like a cute little maze through the corn and a chance to meet the Easter Bunny.

(L was the only one brave enough to actually sit next to the Easter Bunny)

Chore Time

My in-laws own horses and the boys always get a huge kick out of helping Papa with all the chores… including cleaning stalls! I wish I could get them to clean their rooms at home, but apparently shoveling horse poop is fun!

So, like I said, spring breaks are a little different now, but it was a pretty amazing trip!

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