Saturday, March 5, 2016

R's first haircut!

So, after several weeks,  months,  OK pretty much his whole life, of being called a girl because of his wild and long hair, I finally gave in and R got his first haircut. I'm not going to lie, it was super hard for me and I didn't want to do it. I'd been fighting S on it for months. I just think his wild hair was so cute!

But, I guess it was time. I mean, he was literally getting called girl every time. And when I'd say "no he's a boy", people would always respond, "oh, it was the hair!"

OK, Ok…. I get it people!!! he had long hair. 

We went to the same "kiddy" haircut place that both L and L2 received their first haircuts. It has movies and little cars for the kids to sit in and lollipops… it's the perfect setting to create a beautiful and calm memory of your child's first haircut.

That is, unless they hate every moment of it.

And by hate, I mean they scream. And they cry. and they do everything in their power to get the evil, evil hairdresser to stop what she is doing.

Paw Patrol did not help. Monster's Inc. did not help. Sitting in the cool plane did not help. Even the Holy Grail of the lollipop did not calm this kid down.

But, after a long fight, he finally chilled. And I loved the hairdresser because she listened to me when I said I waned it cleaned up, but I still liked the kind of shaggy look. She did it perfectly.

And even though he was not a fan of the process, he look super cute with this shorter hairdo!

(My handsome littlest!)

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