Thursday, March 10, 2016

Little Red Hen

Want to know what the cutest thing in the world is?

It's Kindergarten plays. Especially plays where they sing.

L's Kinder class put on the "Little Red Hen" play tonight. They have been practicing at school, and we have been practicing at home, for the last month. For the record, I can sing all of these songs also… that's how much we have been practicing!

I'm not sure if i have ever seen L quite so excited for anything. I mean besides Christmas and his birthday. He took practicing seriously,  and listened to the YouTube video and sang along almost every night.

Luckily S was able to get off early from work today, and my mom was also in town, for the big opening night.

The little boys were amazing well behaved. Well, as well behaved as a four and two year old can be. L2 actually did really well. R wandered a bit and kept shouting out and getting excited when he saw L on stage, but for the most part he was OK.

And the play? It was adorable. Seriously. l played a cat, but all the kids sang along to all the song for all the different parts.  And you could see that L could see where we were sitting and he kept shyly looking over and smiling…. he pretty much melted my heart!

I remember when L had a recital about 2 years ago, when he was in pre-K, and he was so shy and pretty much just stood on the stage without singing. What a difference a few years makes! He was all about it tonight and I was so proud of him!

(L and his best friends!)

Tonight's one of those nights were I am so grateful and proud of this little family of mine!

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