Friday, March 25, 2016

Field Day/St Paddy's Day

It's hard to believe that there is only about two months of school left, and L will be done with Kindergarten! It's been an great year, and I am constantly amazed by how wonderful this school is.

Last week they had an in-school field trip for "Farm Day" and then they had field day. Remember field when you were a kid? It was pretty much the most fun day ever!

S was able to work from home for the afternoon so I could head over to the school and spend the day with L. He gets so excited when I come to his school and I hope that never changes. I know, I know…. it will eventually… but I'm going to cherish this time where he is thrilled to see me!

Field Day had it all….. the parachute, a bounce house obstacle course, potato sack races! L isn't the most competitive kid, but he always has fun with whatever he's doing!

(L and his best friend J!)

Field Day also happened to fall on St. Patricks Day, so that night we headed over to our friends house for dinner and drinks! We are so lucky to have such good friends right around the corner from us, and that their kids and are kids are best friends!

(R channeling ever frat boy ever on St Paddy's Day!)

The boys enjoyed running around and playing and eating way to many cookies and cupcakes!

We stayed out too late for a Thursday, but it was well worth it!

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