Saturday, April 2, 2016

Camping 2016

To round out our amazing Spring Break Week, we decided to pack up the camper and head up to Lake Pleasant to camp for a night.

Normally when we camp, we head up after lunch on the first day, spend two nights, and then leave right after breakfast on the third day. We decided to make it a quicker trip this time, and headed up to the lake early and got in a hike before we headed to our campsite. We only stayed one night, but hung out for a while on the second day before we packed up and came home. It was quick, but fun and relaxing.

It was a pretty hike, one that we'd never done before. It's was really nice being able to see the lake, since were usually pretty much just in the desert. I mean, don't get me wrong, this was still very obviously a desert hike, but at least there was some water!

(R and I… my little hiking buddy!)

After our hike we headed over to the campsite, set up, and headed straight for the lake. We have a great little spot that we always camp at where we are pretty much right on the water. It's easy to carry the kayak and fishing gear right down. (And my beach towel and book!)

L is totally into kayaking these days, and he's old enough that we are comfortable letting him paddle around in the cove by himself. (with a life jacket on, of course.) R and I managed to steal it away from him a few times, and I think R may have a future as a boat captain… or a pirate. He pretty much just shouted at me to row the whole time!

The little boys had a great time playing on the shore and L even braved going all the way in the water.

After a long afternoon down on the water we headed back to start dinner preparations and our fire. It's amazing how good a hamburger, chips, and a beer taste when you're out in nature! I swear, it's like being outdoors makes everything taste better… or else it just makes me ravenously hungry!

(R agreed that it was delicious!)

After dinner we hung out around the campfire and made marshmallows. The boys were wiped out and went to bed surprisingly easily, which meant S and I got some time to ourselves to just hang out and talk. The next morning we took our time making pancakes and bacon for breakfast, spent the morning hanging at the lake, and then finally headed home!


  1. I want a kayak so much now! Being outside in nature is so revitalising, but when you add wild water in to the mix it's something special isn't it? If there's sea or a river, or a lake, it just seems so much more perfect somehow. You did well managing to find a lake on your desert hike though!

    Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors

  2. Thanks, Andrea!! I can't imagine camping without some sort of body of water around!!