Monday, August 3, 2015

L's first day of Kindergarten!

So…. this happened today.

My baby started Kindergarten. I"m still having trouble wrapping my head around that. My baby. He's almost six years old, and now he's in "real" school. For the next 16 years of his life. (Yes, L, you will be attending college.)

S took the day off work, and we spent the weekend preparing. I am so excited about the school L got into, and even more excited that his best friends also got in, and they are in the same class! He's in full day kindergarten (that a big deal here in AZ, with all of our public school issues), and they wear uniforms, and take PE, and art, and music and technology. It's a dream school.

We woke up early and made the boys blueberry muffins for breakfast (L's favorite), and then packed up all of his stuff and took the requisite pictures. I was having a hard time and I jokingly said to him, "Let's not do school this year. I'm going to miss you too much. Let's start next year." Do you know what he said to me? He said, "relax mom. I'm not going to spend the night there, you can pick me up at the end of the day. And I will still be here in Arizona. I'll help you our for the first few weeks, until you can stop crying."

I love him so much.

(L fixing his hair while he was getting ready for school!)

We left for school early because they had a special "boo hoo" breakfast for the kindergarten parents. L went right into his classroom, put his stuff away, and sat down at his desk to start working. I literally had to tear myself away, and I walked out of the room crying. I think S was a little embarrassed of me! Luckily I had a few mom friends who's kids were also starting kinder, so they were right there with me with the tears!

He looks like such a big boy!

It was a bittersweet day for me. I'm so incredibly proud of the boy he is becoming. He is smart, and funny and kind. He is everything I could have ever hoped for. But today was a big wake up that he is not my baby anymore. He's a big boy, and starting school is just the first step in his independence.  Oh, I need to stop or I'll start crying again!!!

I'll just leave you with a picture with L and his best friends after their first day of school, which they both agreed was "awesome!"

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  1. Awe what sweet pictures! I would be interested to hear more about his school. Is it private or charter? Max starts on the 17th and I can't believe it. He looks great and I can feel how proud you are of him through your words. :)