Sunday, August 23, 2015


This project is actually a few weeks old now, but with S leaving last weekend things got crazy and I kept forgetting to post! I'm pretty proud of this DIY though, so I wanted to share it!

A couple of months ago some friends of my parents (who are also wonderful and babysit for us occasionally!) gave us a cabinet that they were planning on just donating to Goodwill. It was a really nice piece of furniture, but totally not my style. I was hopeful though that I could breath some new life into it and find a place for it in our house, since we are always in need of more storage!

Needless to say, it sat in our front room for almost two months before I actually got around to doing anything, but I finally settled on the perfect color of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and got started.

I've been wanting to try the chalk paint for awhile, I've heard amazing things about it. Anything that makes a DIY project easier and done in less steps (no sanding, no priming) is awesome and worth a try in my book!

Well, that paint did what it was promised! I was done with painting in two days, and that's because I took my time. I could have done it in a day easy. Once it was painted and sealed I headed to the craft store to get some new handles. I found some beautiful ones that I love and look so good! Once it was done I realized it was a perfect fit for an empty wall space we have between our kitchen and our living room, and I could store some of the kitchen stuff we have crowding out pantry in it!

So there you go! I think it turned out pretty well!

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