Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sedona 2015

So, we have this spot that we have been going since we were young college kids.

In my personal opinion, it's one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

I mean, seriously. For everything that I don't necessarily love about living in Phoenix, having this a short two hour drive away helps make up for it. It's breathtaking. 

If you know Arizona at all, you of course know that I'm talking about Sedona. I'm not sure how we came upon this particular spot…. a friend of a friend back in college, but it's the best. not very many people know about it, so we usually have it mostly to ourselves. If you hike in a bit, you come to a great big swimming hole with a huge rock that is perfect for jumping off of. Now, with the kids, we tend to stay a little closer. But pretty much right of the road if a perfect little shelf of red rocks, and a small, somewhat shallow creek with a slow current, that feed directly into a swimming hole.

We usually try to come up here once every summer, although we haven't been since I was pregnant with R. I'm not sure why, and every time we come up I wonder why we aren't heading up every single weekend.

This year was especially nice because all the kids enjoyed getting in the water. L actually swam across the creek, which was pretty impressive, and L2 and R both enjoyed splashing around on the rocks in the shallow water.

We went up fairly early, after breakfast, and packed a lunch to eat up there. We laughed a little as we were leaving at 1:00 and a bunch of college kids were showing up. I remember when we thought getting to the creek early was leaving by 11:00 AM! My, how times have changed.

It was the perfect little day for our family. We have some big changes coming up, which I will post about later, but I think it was especially important for us to have these good memories as we wrap up summer.

it was a nice way to cap off summer…. one weekend left and school starts! Can you believe L is starting Kindergarten and L2 is heading into his second year of pre-school!

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