Sunday, August 30, 2015

R's big boy bed!

See this little angel here???

Don't let his adorableness fool you.

A few days after S left, this little stinker decided he was over his crib and started climbing out…


I was hoping it might just be a one off, and he'd quite doing it, but no such luck. Neither of the other boys ever even attempted to climb out of their cribs, so I was not expecting this.

After a few days it got to the point where he wasn't even fussing or calling me to get up anymore… he was just getting himself up. The other morning I actually woke up, rolled over, and he was sleeping next to me in bed!!!

So realizing he was not going to stop doing this, I finally caved today and changed his crib into a toddler bed, and put a baby gate on his room so even if he gets up he can't get out.

I'm not ready for this. At all. First of all, where did my little baby go? This is just another "baby" milestone for the books and it makes me sad, in a bittersweet way. Secondly, I hate that we are celebrating a big milestone without S here. It makes it really "real" that he is going to be gone for the next few months and is going to miss out on stuff.

Anyway, we switched to the toddler bed at nap today, and an epic battle ensued. While R seemed glad to have his "big boy" bed, he was not happy about the baby gate on his door.

We spent over an hour with him sitting at the gate and shaking it and crying. But I stayed strong and….

I eventually won the battle!!!

And here's our big boy settling in for his first night in his "real" bed.

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