Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Soccer Star

L started soccer this week. Can I just say, I cannot believe that I have a little boy that is old enough and big enough to be on an organized sport team! He's a September birthday baby (He'll be 4 in just a few weeks!!!) so he tends to be right on the verge of age cutoffs for just about everything (school, sports, etc.) Luckily, he made the soccer cutoff by about 15 days. He's definitely the youngest kid on his team, and one of the smallest but he is having so much fun!

S and I are both soccer players. I my whole life through high school, did intramural soccer in college and for about four years S and I played on a coed team together. We both love the game and to see our little guy our there learning it is pretty special for us.

With all that being said, watching a bunch of 3 and 4 year old play soccer is pretty comical. They pretty much run around in circle yelling tripping over balls. None of them really seem to get the concept of "no hands" and I've definitely seen each and every one of them fall over in an attempt to stop a slow rolling ball. Comical may not be the right word..... it's down right hilarious. S had thrown around the idea of coaching or assistant coaching when we signed L up, but after watching two practices, you really have to have the patient of a saint to coach this age group!

The important thing is he loves it. He's having so much fun already. And I love that we are finally getting to participate in these activities. I'm officially a "soccer mom" and that makes me so happy. Our first game is this Saturday, so wish our little soccer star luck!

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