Saturday, September 21, 2013

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks! 
Maternity Clothes: I hit H&M this week (did you know they sell maternity clothes?!?) In search of a dress for my maternity pics. I didn't find the dress I was looking for, but I did find the one in the picture above and it's super cute and comfy! I think I will probably us it in maternity pics with a pair of boots! And the big plus? It was on sale for $7! I also found another pair of cute jeans that were on sale for $20 so I picked those up to. I don't want to buy anything else, because I have such a short time left, but these were too good of a deal to pass up! It's funny, I held out so long on switching over to maternity clothes, but now I'm remembering how comfortable they are! I mean, wouldn't it be great if all of our pants came with elastic waistbands?
What I miss: Laying on my stomach, not feeling exhausted and achy all the time.
Exercise: This week I ended up only making it three days. I told myself I would start taking it easier at this point in the pregnancy, so it's probably a good thing even though it wasn't by my choice. We changed L2's PT sessions to Tuesdays at 9, which is a much better time for him, but it means I miss out on those days. The place he goes is about 45 minutes away so I have to drop off L at school and head straight up there. This Friday the boys had Dr. appointments so I missed another day, but I still got in three good days including two yoga classes. I figure as long as I can keep the same intensity and make it four days I'll be fine!
Cravings: Nothing really this week. I ate a lot of sugar because we had to many sweets left over from L's birthday!
Aversions: Nothing! Hungry all the time!
Symptoms: Rib pain, and the leg cramps are starting up again. Worst thing ever is being woken up to a charlie horse in your calf! I love feeling this baby move, but man, when he stretches it's kind of painful! He's strong, that's for sure! And you can tell he's running out of room!
Labor Signs: Just the good old Braxton Hicks and some pressure! I actually had a lot of BH's in the beginning of the week, to the point where I almost considered going to L&D, but I managed to stop them on my own by moving around a bit!
Best moments of this week: Celebrating L's fourth birthday at the beginning of the week was definitely the main highlight. I can't believe my baby is so big! It's truly bittersweet! We also had a Dr app and got to see the baby! He looks perfect, is measuring right on and is head down and ready to go! (I also only gained two pounds which made me happy!) 

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