Sunday, September 15, 2013

L turns four!

Happy 4th birthday, Landon!

I really, really cannot believe it has been four years since you came into our lives. It feels like you've always been here.... I can't imagine my life without you. On the other hand, it is going to fast. I want time to slow down, but I know that is not possible, so instead I try to take in every moment. I try to appreciate every stage, from the temper tantrums to the funny things you say, because I know they will not last forever.

Here are some things that you are doing/into these days:

~Oh my child, you are so opinionated. You like things to go your way, and when they don't you tend to have a bit of an attitude or throw a tantrum.I know it's the age, but sometimes you sure know how to push a mama's buttons!

~On the flip side of that you are by far one of the sweetest little human beings I have every encountered. I love when you give me hugs and kisses. I love when you want to cuddle. I love that every night you ask for a song and when I ask if you know how much I love you you respond with "Sooooo much!!!!"

~You are very into pretend play these days. You are always using your fingers to pretend to shoot at things (Oye! It drives me crazy!) and when we go up and down the stairs you tell us to watch out for booby traps. You love playing camping and pulling all the pillows of the couch so we can play "nap".

~You love your brother, but sometimes he drives you crazy. You get mad when he touches you/hits you/gets too close to you/ or touches your toys. Sometimes you have a hard time sharing with him. But you also are the first to let us know if he is upset about something and you always kiss him goodbye when you get dropped off at preschool. You often say that he is your best friend.

~You have these funny phrases that you have picked up, and I'm not totally sure where they all have come from. You say things like "Oh snap" or "please don't be rude to me" (The last one usually occurs if someone has dared to tell you no to something.) You come in first thing in the morning and let us know it's time to get up because "Hey guys, the sun is up!".

~You like to help with everything, from making lunch to carrying stuff from the car. You know most of your numbers and letters and you are getting close to reading on your own. You will flip through pages of books we read a lot and "read" the story out loud to yourself from memory.

There is so much more, but I could honestly go on for pages and pages! Just know, you are so loved. Everyday you amaze me. Some days you test me as a mom, but everyday I learn something from you. I'm glad you are so strong willed, I know it will serve you well in life. I love that I see such kindness and compassion in you, from the way you treat your friends and family. You are everything I could have every dreamed of and more. I love you more than you will ever know!

Here's a quick recap of our day in photos! We took it easy today, after the party yesterday, and just relaxed, ran errands, watched a movie and went out to a birthday dinner. Of course there were some more treats, more singing of "Happy Birthday" and more presents!

**Unfortunately I have no pics of us doing cupcakes at the end of the night because I hate our crappy computer and it won't upload the pics from my camera. All the rest of the photos are courtesy of my iPhone!

(A birthday breakfast of donuts with sprinkles, per L's request!)

(Do you see someone creeping in the background? I think he was trying to figure out how he could steal it!)

(And MORE presents!)

(And a yummy birthday dinner!)

(L2 takes his eating very seriously!)

A Happy Birthday Boy! I think four is going to be an amazing year for him!

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