Friday, April 13, 2012

Lozilu Mud Run

So a few weeks ago I did something I've never done, and, I have to admit, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Despite many, many years of being involved in every sport imaginable, being a pretty religious gym goer, and an all over "athletic" person.... I have never done a run. Not a fun run, not a marathon or any sort of "K".... nothing. Anyway, right around my birthday I noticed that despite five days of cardio at the gym, two days of bootcamp, and soccer on Sundays.... my baby weight loss had stalled. And I was pretty pissed. I mean, come on, I was busting my but six days a week and hitting a plateau... that sucks, and it's super discouraging. So I did what I know has always jumped started my weight loss in the past, I laced up my running shoes.

Let me start by saying, I don't love running, but I used to do it a lot when we lived in Flagstaff, and I did enjoy it. We lived right on the Urban Trail and I could take Charlie out, put on my ipod and just run forever with no one around. I pretty much hate running in Phoenix. I don't like running through neighborhoods where the only thing to look at is track house after track house, I don't like all the traffic, and I don't like running on pavement.... but it needed to be done, so I went. The first day I made it about a mile. It's amazing how different running outside is from running on the treadmill. But I went again the next day and the next and after  a few weeks I realized that we had a random dirt track out in a field abut a mile from our house. It's not perfect, a little bumpy, and a little longer then a normal 1/4 mile track, but it was off the pavement and I felt more alone. After a few weeks I realized I was starting to kind of enjoy running again but I knew I needed to keep myself motivated. My friend Ali was nice enough to let me crash her team for the Lozilu Mud Run coming up and it was just what I needed. I was scared as hell at the thought of a race (although, really, it was only a 5K.... not that big of a deal) but Ali assured my it would be fun and no pressure.

By the day before the race I had worked my way up to about 4 miles without stopping (while running with two kiddos in a double stroller.... so really, I think it counts as like 10 miles!) and I felt ready. I woke up early the day of the race, sat on our front porch and drank a green smoothie and got ready to go.

The race itself went in heats throughout the day, and it was definitely a "fun" race. People came in costumes and there was going to be a big party when all the heats were finished. Luckily we were in the first heat of the day. I say luckily for two reasons, first of all it was HOT that day and second it was nice to be the first ones through the obstacles, the track was not messed up at all and we didn't have to wait in line to make it through.

I started of pretty fast, feeling good, getting a good rhythm. The first obstacles was a mud pit and a ran through it thinking:

"I rock! I'm running a 5K!"

The second obstacle was a big tire thing we had to climb over. I went towards  thinking:

"This is so cool! I"m a Freaking Runner! Look at me go! Go Me!!!!!!"

And then I ate it.


Really? Second obstacle and I ate Sh!t? I was a little embarrassed, but I guess it did remind me this was suppose to be fun! I finished the race, ran the whole thing, and did every obstacle. Not going to lie, I did feel kind of rockstar-ish when I crossed the finish line!

And you know what I"m most proud of? Despite the fact that I don't have a race looming over me I have still  been getting up and running almost every morning! Hmmmm..... does this mean I can officially consider myself a "runner"?

 Before the race with my two biggest supporters!

 Here we go!

 In my head I'm chanting "Keep going! Keep going!"

 After the race, happy and dirty!

Love my family for being there to cheer me on!!!

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  1. Wow!! That was great. I am so happy for you. Hope you still continuing on that mud run activity. It is really a fun activity.