Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Visit 2012

Two weeks ago S took a week off of work, I completely abandoned my gym workouts and my runs, L skipped out on 90% of his naps, and we traded in dinners of chicken and salad for homemade lasagna, pizza and beer. No, we didn't decide to just live the high life on a whim, my family came into to town for a their annual visit. And I say annual because they came last year and I'm hoping they continue to come every year from now on. Or we move to Wisconsin and buy a house down the street from them. Either or.

Anyway, the afternoon of my mud run, my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and niece descended into Phoenix for a week of exhausting fun. I miss having family around, but you all know that. I talk about it enough so I won't bore you with my dreams of cousins playing in the street together and dashing in and out of houses that are next door to each other. Instead, get ready for the next several post to encompass their visit because we did A LOT. Like, we knew we only had a week together and we knew that the next time we see each other will probably be in another year, and kids would be older and life circumstances may have changed, so we lived it up this trip. We tried to get everything we possibly could in, and I think we did a good job.

And amidst camping trips and trips to the Children's Museum, movie dates with my mom and sister, and a big Easter celebration there were the things that make being with family so special. The normal stuff, like pulling extra chairs around a too small kitchen table while little boys fight over toys in the background and adults sip wine and pass new babies around.

It's about playing cards while babies sit on the table and the kids fall asleep on the couch watching "The Incredibles" because it's way past their bed times.

And by far the best part of the trip? Watching these three little troublemakers. L was in HEAVEN. His cousins are two and four years older then him.... and he adores them. He went from morning till night every single day just playing and following and mimicking and loving on them. He couldn't get enough, and luckily my nephews are two of the sweetest boys in the world who included him and loved on him right back.

The babies couldn't quite keep up with all the fun, and ended up taking lots of naps!

And probably one of the best things about this vacation for my nephews? The 80 degree Phoenix weather and the pool. Living here, we tend to forget that not everyone is in shorts and t-shirts and jumping into swimming pool in early April. And considering there from Wisconsin, they are more used to spring snow storms then pool parties.

Not going to lie, I thought the pool was still freezing and there was no way I was going in, but these boys jumped in with no fear and swam for hours and hours.


I'll post more about their trip in upcoming posts. Needless to say we are trying to readjust to the quiet around here.

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