Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Visit 2012- Camping Trip

I love camping. Like love it. We went all the time when I was a kid and S and I used to go quite a bit in college (Two totally different types of camping.... but that's another story.) But when someone says to you, "Hey, let's go camping for two days. With three little boys between the ages of two and seven. And the two year old is potty training. Oh, and let's add two five month old babies into the mix." you tend to think they may have lost their mind.

But camp we did, with the babies and the boys and the potty training and three day without a shower. And it ended up being pretty freaking fun. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. I saw myself up at three in the morning, in the middle of nowhere, trying to warm up a bottle for a screaming infant. Luckily it didn't happened. My parents brought their camper down with them from Reno and my sister and I slept in there with the two babies. And I think the babies loved the opportunity to cuddle with their mama's all night. And L2 slept through the night no problem. It was like all the stars aligned, it was awesome.

(Napping in the Ergo carrier while Mama enjoyed the lake)

We were smart enough to bring the Pack and Play and it was the perfect place for the babies to play and sleep while we tended to campfires and fished and chased the little boys around.


(Cousins holding hands..... so cute!)
(We finally had to turn them like this because my niece was getting all cage fighty on L2)

My Parents also brought their Kayaks down from Reno, and right of the shore of our campsite was a strip of sandbar that the boys quickly dubbed the "Pirate Island" and the grownups spent most of the time ferrying them back and forth.


Oh, and did I mention we fished? Yes that's me casting out a line (despite the fact that I didn't have a fishing license..... I'm such a rebel!) 

And this was my catch! I totally screamed like a girl when I got him and made S get the hook out for me.... but hey, I still caught a fish!

So despite my initial misgivings that maybe camping would end up being more work then fun.... it ended up being a blast! And I think we have definite future campers in both L and L2!

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