Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Visit 2012- Childrens Museum, Fishing and Easter

OK, I'm finally back to finish up the last installment of my family's visit. Sorry this last one is a bit delayed, but I got layed up by a nasty sinus infection last week. I've never had a sinus infection before and I kind of always thought it was just a stuffy nose and people who complained about them were being a little wimpy...... um, I was wrong. I felt like total crap for like five days, it was miserable. And seriously, I have been sick more in the last five months then I ever was when I worked at a freaking school! What is that about?

Anyone, I'm healthy now and I'm hoping it stays this way! Back to the family visit:

For those of you who live in Phoenix, you probably know how awesome the Children's Museum here is. And if your not from here and you ever visit, you should check it out. It is seriously cool. With all the being said we NEVER go. I think we've taken L a total of three times. It's just so far away (as it seems all things in Phoenix are) and it is always just packed. School groups running rampant with 30 kids per 1 chaperon, bigger kids playing to rough for the little kids, pushing and shoving and crying and...... ugh, you get the point. The Children's Museum is awesome, I just wish we could go there when no one else is around!

But my nephews adore it and it is always on the list when they come to visit. And we got super lucky this time, the museum was having a big Free even on the night of the day we went and there were no school groups at the time we went..... it was as close to empty as you could ever hope for. It was really great, we got to stand back and let the kids play without worrying to much about losing them in the crowd. And L2 hung out with me in the Ergo the whole time and he was great, never fussed or anything. I pulled him out a few times to let him "play" in the baby rooms.... but he's just to young to get it right now.

L and has cousins however, are not. They were in heaven.

Serving all the adults ice cream!

I think L was trying to catch this bird.... he's pretty into bird right now.


I'm glad I got to be there with both my boys. It was nice to get L2 out and about and exposed to some new stuff even if he had no idea what was going on, and it was so fun to watch how happy L was.

My baby boy, just taking it all in!

Hanging out in the baby room!

After a full day in downtown Phoenix at the museum we decided to stick closer to home and take the kids fishing. My oldest nephew was all about fishing ever since we went camping and had been pretty bummed that he didn't catch anything. Luckily we have a huge park/library/fishing pond/ swimming pool/ dog park/everything recreation area within in walking distance from our house. And the fish pretty much just hang out in the pond, hoping someone will catch them so it was perfect.

My mama, sister and nephew!

A very serious fisherman


L wanted nothing to do with posing for picture with me!


It was nice to stick close to home for the day, especially since we had been so all over town for the last few days. Plus once the kids were done with the park my sister, mom and I snuck off to see a movie (Hunger Games: awesome. Totally recommend it, but I would read the books first!) and then we had to go a big shopping trip for our big Easter celebration. We're not really Church-goers in my family, but we are celebrate in our own way with lots of yummy food and family and the sounds of little ones squealing in delight when they discover the "Easter Bunny" has left them presents and chocolates and eggs!

And really? Any excuse that I can put L in a button down and a tie? I'm in... he looks so darn cute!

We might of gone a little overboard on the food.... we had pastries and eggs Benedict and brie and bread and fruit and deviled eggs and bacon and sausage..... we could have fed an army!

And when everyone had eaten their fill, and before the kids got too dirty we set them all up in front of the pool so my incredibly talented brother-in-law could get some good photos of them.

Pretty hard to get three kids and two babies all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, but they still came out pretty darn cute. And these are just the ones S took with our camera... my BIL came out much better!

My boys.... sigh.... love them so much!

It was a great end to a great visit. My Dad ended up having to leave later that day to drive back to Reno and my sister and her family flew out early the next morning. My mom stayed for a few extra days which was nice.... it was hard to get used to the quite after such a busy week! Hopefully we will be seeing everyone again soon!

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