Sunday, September 25, 2011

35 weeks 1 day

35 weeks and 1 day. 34 days left to go. less then 5 weeks.

Not that I'm counting.....

OK, that's a lie, I am pretty much counting down the minutes right now. I  am so so sooooo ready to have this baby. I forgot how long the last month or so of pregnancy can feel, it's like your so close, but yet still so far away. I am ready to meet our little man and to settle into our new routine as parents as two. And on a selfish note, I'm ready to feel like a normal human being again!

As far as the basics of pregnancy go, everything is perfect ,we couldn't ask for anything better. Baby is head down and ready to go, heartbeat is strong, he is still moving and kicking and rolling all the time. My weight gain has slown down (Thank God!), my blood pressure is great and my Dr. says everything looks great to deliver a healthy baby right on time.

The only problem? I'm freaking miserable!

I know that there are women out there that struggle with hard pregnancies; bed rest, high blood pressure, high risk birth, diabetes..... trust me, I do realize that I am very lucky. But sometimes it's hard to remember those factors when it's 2:00 A.M. and I"m hauling myself out of bed to pee for the 10th time. Or when I literally have to fully wake up in order to roll over night, because gone are the days of easily tossing and turning in my sleep. Or when I have to pause halfway up the stairs because it feels as though someone has kicked my repeatedly in the crotch, possibly breaking my pubic bone.

But..... we are almost there. Like this week I will be packing my hospital bag and finishing making my "labor playlist" on my ipod and scheduling a haircut and hopefully a mani/pedi since I know there will be no time for those things once L2 gets here.

But I make no promises to suffer in silence... what can i say, I"m not tough like that!

Here's a few 35 week pictures. Did I mention I also feel like a whale?????

I don't know what L is doing in either of these pictures.......

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