Monday, October 17, 2011

38 week/life in general update

Hello everyone! I know I have been majorly MIA from the blogging world lately, but at 38 weeks pregnant I just haven't had the energy/time/inclination to write. I am hot and uncomfortable and generally cranky, and I didn't want to get on here and complain.....

But now it is midnight on Sunday and guess what? I am hot, uncomfortable, cranky, and exhausted....... yet completely unable to sleep. So here I am. The last few weeks of pregnancy are always the most uncomfortable, but the thing I find the most frustrating is just the inability to fall asleep. I know that I am going to be just as tired when the baby gets here, but at least then I would be able to sleep, given the chance. Right now I have ample opportunity, but I just can't seem to do it!

I am so excited that L2 is almost here. I can't believe in two weeks (or less, fingers crossed!) we are going to be the parents of two little boys! I'm excited for him to get here, and I"m very excited not to be pregnant anymore, but I have got to tell you..... I am also really nervous. I"m nervous about a few things. The first is probably going to sound silly, but I feel really unprepared! I mean we have everything we need, and this is our second boy so we've done this all before, but I feel almost kind of....... scared! With L we had taken all the the classes (breastfeeding, Daddy Bootcamp, newborn 101, car seat safety, etc.) and read all the books and watched the DVDs..... but we didn't do any of that with this baby. And I know, realistically, that we didn't need to. We have done this before, and it wasn't that long ago, but I find myself thinking things like "I don't remember how to do that", or "I don't know what we did with L or what L did when he was that age". It will come back to us though.... it has to, right?

The second thing I'm worried about is how L is going to handle all of it. He really likes babies, and he's so good with other kids.... but he is going to go from being our baby to being the big brother and he is still too young to really explain that to. He is too young to prepare and I feel like the baby coming is just going to shake up his whole world. And, again, I know in the long run it will be fine. He will love his little brother and he is going to be an amazing big brother. But the thought of his feelings being hurt or him feeling left out or less loved by us because of his baby brother makes my heart hurt.

So that's what's been going on with me these days. I'm counting down the days until we meet out little man and I get to reacquaint myself with concepts such as touching my toes or getting of the couch without assistance. And I"m feeling my time with worrying, complaining, not sleeping, and the occasional burst of manic "nesting" cleaning.

I'll try to update more, but to be honest as we prepare for baby, this month will probably be pretty scarce!!!

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  1. Thinking of you these next couple of weeks. I can't wait to hear about L2! Good luck momma :)