Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maternity/Family Photos

A few weeks ago we did our Maternity/Family Photo shoot. My friend Ali (check out her blog here) did it for us, and I am so stoked with the results. With Landon we did awesome photos in a studio, and the turned out great, but I'm happy that we got so many family photos this time, as well as some adorable photo's of just Landon! Plus I love the beautiful outdoor location we shot it! Thanks Ali!

So here are about 20 of my favorite photos. I think they turned out great, even if it is hard not to be a little critical of myself (Hello Huge!!!!) But let's be honest, if there is one time in my life where I can be packing an extra 40 pounds and still be willing to be photographed shirtless, it's now!

This is such a perfect shot to capture his personality! He loves jumping!

There was a huge chicken like 3 feet away from us while we were doing these shots... I was a little worried it was going to attack!

Well Hello, Handsome!

One of my favorites!

Now we just need to decide which ones to print and frame!

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  1. Ali did such a great job! You all look amazing. LOVE them all.