Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby #2 Nursery

Baby #2 is going to be here in 7 weeks and he now has a place to live! (OK, he will actually be with us in our bedroom for awhile, but still, it feels good to have his nursery done!) It took me awhile to decide on a "theme" for this one. If he had been a she, I had a girls nursery theme all picked out.... think purple and Paris! L's nursery we did in blues and an "Ocean/Surfer" theme, so I didn't want to get too close to that, and I hate Character theme like Disney or Winnie the Pooh. Eventually I decided on greens, yellow and browns and a jungle/animal theme, and I love it!

I actually think I enjoyed decorating this nursery more then I did  L's, mostly because I felt more like I knew what I was doing. With L I was so stressed about getting the right kind of crib, and rocker, and diaper genie and trying to figure out what exactly he was going to need! With this one I felt comfortable with what basics we needed, and we already had the furniture, so feel like I got to focus more on the fun stuff, like paint color and blankets and toys


So there you have it! A room for Baby! We still need to get a a few little things, and also some art work for the walls, but besides that it is move in ready. I have even washed and put away all the baby clothes.... hmmmm, nesting maybe?

Before I close this post, I have a dilemma I want to throw out there. As you know, I only use initials in my blog at the request of my hubby. (I'm not sure who all he thinks actually reads this blog, but he apparently wants to protect our privacy. I think it's silly, but whatever!) The problem is that Baby #2 is also going to have an L name.... so I need to figure out how to differentiate between the two brothers. I can't call our second child Baby #2 forever! So I'm thinking L for big brother and L2 for little brother, or I could just go with Big L and Little L.... what do you think? Any other ideas are welcome!

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