Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

We are counting down! In approximately 7 hours we will be in a plane bound for Reno! I am so excited to be going home, it has been a long time for me. Christmas 2009, to be exact. Isn't that crazy? And isn't it funny that no matter how long I have been gone (almost 10 years) or how often (or not often) I go back to visit, I always think of Reno as home. Don't get me wrong, obviously Phoenix is my home-home now, and L and S my family, but every time I go back to Reno it just feels so comfortable, and so right. I don't have any desire to move back. I wouldn't fight it if it happened, but I'm not going to pursue us settling there. However, every time I get home it feels like everything falls into place. I love going to the local food places and the stores. I love that even though Reno isn't a small town, it still feels like you know everyone. I love that my elementary school looks exactly the same and I still recognize some of the same people walking there dogs in my neighborhood. It feels safe and familiar, and I think everyone should have a place like this. A place they know they can always go and be welcomed back with open arms, even if it's been 18 months since they've been back.

So while in Reno I plan to do lots and lots of eating, all that yummy local food that you love and can only get when your home. JJ's pizza is topping that list (Best pizza EVER! Seriously, if your ever in Reno, you have got to hit this place up. They give you honey to dip your crust in, how cool is that?) And of course there will be lots of family time with my parents, but I'm also going to sneak out and see some old high school friends. I love seeing my girls, because we always just pick up right where we left off last time, as if no time has passed at all. And these are the people that know me. Like Really, Really know me. These are the girls that drove past my high school boyfriends house at midnight with me to see what he was doing (hey, all teenage girls participate in some mild stalking, right?) The girls who ate cookie dough with me and cried (for days) after me and said boyfriend broke up (and got back together, and broke up, and got back together, and broke up).  These are the girls who helped me lie to my parents after we got caught getting into trouble and/or with some sort of contraband. These are the girls who I did all kinds of dumb teenage stuff with, and the girls who I have so many memories with from that time in all our lives when everything that happened was felt so deeply and every high and low was dramatic and life changing. Basically, I love these girls, and I can't wait to see them and have my son know them, and through them know who his mom was back before I was a mommy and a wife.

But in the meantime, we are packing, trying to get ready for this trip, and I am mentally preparing myself for a 2 hour flight with an 18 year old who is going to want to do anything but sit quietly on his mom's lap. Thankfully, the flight isn't two long and I'm hoping I can bribe him with sippy cups, snacks and possibly some Thomas the Train downloaded on the ipod. Ah, bribery. Truly the cornerstone of good mothering, don't you agree? :)

And packing one checked bag (we're flying US Airways so we don't want to have to pay for more then one checked bag) for me and L for cold weather is not easy. I am not the worlds lightest packer as it is, but boots and coats and sweaters take up a lot more room then, say, sundresses and sandals! The result is an already full suitcase laying open in the middle of the room while I ponder how to make everything else we need fit and a kitchen table full of laundry waiting to see if it makes the cut to go on vacation on us.

OK, seriously, I know it looks like a ton of stuff, but it's really the boots in the bottom that are taking up the most room. And I'm from Phoenix, is basically flip flops or heels here, so boots are the only "cold-weather appropriate" shoes I have!

The side pile of "should I take this stuff or not"? The jury is still out, we have to see how much room we have left.

S's suitcase, of course neatly packed and small enough to be a carry on. Hey, I have to pack mine and L's stuff!

Our kitchen table, with yet more clothes waiting to be packed. At least there folded!

This has nothing to do with packing or our trip, but S caught this pic of me and L zonked out on the couch watching Thomas the Train together the other night, and I thought it was cute, and thus a good way to end this post so I gave you more then just pictures of my laundry and my suitcase!

So, as soon as I finish packing we are off! I'll post updates of our trip later this week!

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